By Anonymous - 22/09/2011 05:20 - United States

Today, I found out that the new management position I'm supposed to start in two days was delayed for a month and a half. I already quit my current job and called my boss gay. FML
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ryukk_fml 3

your own damn fault.

Beebow_fml 5

Ydi, you could've left your old job peacefully. I guess that shows how mature of a manager you will be.


well that sucks!

YDI. Don't burn your bridges. And YDIx1000 for calling him gay. Using "gay" as a slur is immature and offensive to more than just your boss. And seriously, that's the best you could come up with?? I'm really unimpressed.

What did your boss do to you OP?

His boss "flipped" him lol

This FML is a fake...OP is obviously not old enough or mature enough to have a job.

LiveLaughFML 10

hey, I was taught growing up in school that gay meant happy..which is the opposite of what your boss will be when you explain the situation to him. ;)

Dumb ass. Never spit in the well, you may have to drink from it.

ryukk_fml 3

your own damn fault.

Agreed. If you want to burn bridges on your way out, do something cool, don't just insult your boss. Wait, you guys meant don't bun the bridges in the first place? That's no fun...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP ydi...what ever that means ._. anyone care to tell me?

BellaBelle_fml 23

YDI=You Deserve It FYL=Fuck Your Life OP=Original Poster It's all good bro, we've all been newcomers and had to find out what those mean as well. Good day to.

Look at the bright side, now that you know this ahead of time, you have some time to get a new job

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

I'm not new I just didn't know ydi

KennKenn 0

56- It's unlikely you've been here for a while and didn't know the meaning of YDI.

bitchslapped22 14

He has over 300 comments

BellaBelle_fml 23

Xx_Dakota_xX; Well then, YDI for having over 300 comments and not knowing what YDI meant. Stop wasting my time and curtesy. I retract my good day to you.

Seriously what the hell were you thinking?

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

32 ^ thread jacking in progress

I dont know who you are i love you. thats fricken funny i couldnt tell my boss that!

And I don't know who you are, but your comment is irritating and full of grammatical errors.

Aww, c'mon now. I was just kidding people!!

Mien grammar is gooder.

but mine grammar is the most bestest

What's wrong with being gay?

There is no wrong in being gay, unless your objective is to force your beliefs on straight people.

zach630 0

Everything is wrong with it

JfI love being gay. Its fucking amazing. Homosexuality>heterosexuality. Anyway calling people gay or saying "that's gay" is for the most part fine. I say it often. But the way the OP used it was extremely lame. Like seriously? If you're going to insult your ex-boss as you exit your workplace for the last time at least make it worth while. I feel like you fail at life.

30 I can tell your a fag by your pic

30, you're an idiot. calling someone gay as an insult is like calling someone a nigger as an insult. not cool.

marpay 11

As a lesbian I would thank you if you stopped using my sexuality as an insult. Keep your hate speech under your white pointy hood.

#22 That's insulting to me. Fuck YOU descriminating pig.

54, don't hate me if I'm wrong, but the way I read his(or her) comment it said he( or she) DOESN'T like the fact that he used gay as an insult, however he(or she) did say that it is ok to use it to describe something (I.e. That was so gay>. Once again I could have misread it since I just woke up but that's what it seems like to me.

Agree with #76 Btw my earlier comment wasn't homophobic. Sorry it pissed you off.

Badab1ng 5

Faggots be hatin'

And THAT my friend, is why you NEVER insult your boss!!!.... but that really does suck though.

I always insult my boss/commander. And then he buys me a case of beer. Winning!

Beebow_fml 5

Ydi, you could've left your old job peacefully. I guess that shows how mature of a manager you will be.

mistersheezy 7

Thats why you don't burn any bridges.

Ha good job I feel sorry for the Place that hired you

bad move huh? always make sure before you make an ass out of yourself. what if you never get the job? ydi.