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Today, my boyfriend asked how I could go to the bathroom and leave my tampon in at the same time. He didn't realize there are two separate holes. He's 28. FML
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If there was a 'Facepalm' button, now would be the time to use it.

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mine are like that, too but with layers of fat on top


Florence_ 0

If there was a 'Facepalm' button, now would be the time to use it.

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take a dump on his chest then say "now who's boss".. he'll never do something stupid again

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Does he know theres a hole in your ass?

teach her yourself man don't be a lazy ass..

KiddNYC1O 20

Maybe you ought to teach him hole new things.

@every1luvsboners lezbians probably don't

#97 you couldn't afford it, especially with a face like that

108 then why do most lesbians love to suck ******? They don't like men because most of us pull out to early or can't give them a proper ******.

You can swim in the Red Sea, just don't drink the water.

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He could have meant taking a piss. Or I'm reading this FML wrong?

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Finally the voice of reason. Good job 204.

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i'm guessing 204 doesn't know girls don't pee out of their vaginas either.

204 go home, you have no clue. Girls can pee with a tampon in. There are SEPARATE holes...

Guys don't need to know this stuff. The only reason girls know how the male body works is that it's so SIMPLE! One hole in the back, one pipe at the front. Nothing more nothing less. The female's body is way more complex. Girls are just BORN complicated.

That's nice. You learn something new everyday.

Sun_Kissed18 25

That should have been his "something new" 15 years ago

@#31 I'm sorry, but never before did I ask myself if a woman could pee without soiling her tampon. I honestly have no idea how deep you shove a tampon in your genitals, ladies. That sounded like a legit question to me and I learned something today. Thanks.

So he doesn't know a lot about the female anatomy. I don't see how this is an FML.

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that's men for you, and some women actually. let's just say that's stupid people.

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nice abs mine are like tht but not as big

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mine are like that, too but with layers of fat on top

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156- lol, I tell my friends the same thing :) then they complain that I'm skinnier than them and "too sexy" to complain.... they're mostly guys... can u say awkward?

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who's abs are you all talking about?!

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now which hole does he think he's been getting into?!

hahahaha face palm....xD lmao thats funnyy α ´αγίεο

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If he keeps asking stupid questions...None.

It's not like we can look down and count them -_-

I'm ashamed to live in the same state as u amber

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maybe you haven't yet and if you get the opportunity you should. be nice to your lady or she will find someone who will

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Maybe they weren't clear enough in sex Ed.

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I'm a female.. I know there's two holes.. I've taken sex Ed.. and they never talked about that.. so... you can't assume every guy knows.

oddly enough, in the school i went to they seperated the boys and girls in sex ed. then they told us about our wee wees... uhh i mean penises. and thats it. no vaginal talk at all. in fact, i didnt know women had so many holes until i started coming to this site.

well since you are a female and it is your body if you didnt know you'd be a ******* idiot men on the other hand dont learn this at all

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vaginal opening and urethra. I think that's what the first ones called

lemonypower 6

one you stick ur penis into the other u don't

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I thought there was three ???? hahahaha!!!!!

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the third one is the asshole.

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i didnt know either.. and im a girl!

the pee hole is really tiny, like yours in the penis. But the ****** can stretch enormozsly when aroused. The openings are close together and both covered with the labia. Just look at cross section pictures on wikipedia.