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  NeatNit  |  32

Guys don't need to know this stuff. The only reason girls know how the male body works is that it's so SIMPLE! One hole in the back, one pipe at the front. Nothing more nothing less.

The female's body is way more complex. Girls are just BORN complicated.

  Djosef_fml  |  0

@#31 I'm sorry, but never before did I ask myself if a woman could pee without soiling her tampon. I honestly have no idea how deep you shove a tampon in your genitals, ladies. That sounded like a legit question to me and I learned something today. Thanks.

  Plumppotato  |  3

oddly enough, in the school i went to they seperated the boys and girls in sex ed. then they told us about our wee wees... uhh i mean penises. and thats it. no vaginal talk at all. in fact, i didnt know women had so many holes until i started coming to this site.

  Nobinx  |  15

the pee hole is really tiny, like yours in the penis. But the vagina can stretch enormozsly when aroused. The openings are close together and both covered with the labia.
Just look at cross section pictures on wikipedia.