By Josie - 05/06/2012 04:27 - United States - Florence

Today, I was walking home with my boyfriend. There's a short cut to my house by jumping a fence but he insisted that we take the long way because, "Girls don't jump fences." To prove him wrong, I jumped the fence. I fell and broke my leg. FML
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well, you technically jumped the fence, bravo!

Your boyfriend might've just wanted to spend more time with you by taking the long way! I would've done what he suggested, because it would've been more fun, and you wouldn't have broken your leg haha :P


It's kinda sweet he wanted to go the long way so you wouldn't have to jump the fence. Kinda...

They way he said it, it isn't sweet, but sexist.

Unless he's the kinda, "I'm gonna lay my coat over the puddle so you don't get your feet wet" guy.

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Or unless he's the kinda " you're gonna fall and break your leg" guy.

No, #1, you're mistaken, it didn't hurt at all

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Just wont take no for an answer

Well at least you learnt that girls cant jump after all

KM96 24

Girls can! Just that this situation had a bad outcome …

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I think he might have meant it's improper for a lady (girl) to jump a fence, if he meant in general he would have said "girls can't jump." buuuuuttttt I may be wrong, that's just what I got from it.

Baustigt, that was sexist. I can't believe you said that wasn't sexist, you sexist SOB.

61- can't tell if you're trolling or not, but chill.

3 - Who do you think competes in Olympic gymnastics competitions?

I believe 61 was a sarcastic response in support of Baustigt

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I think it's pretty funny that if anyone rammed a joke about a girl not being able to do something it's viewed as sexist. Because if the roles were reversed, no one would care.

It said girls dont jump fences not girls cant jump fences sexist

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Atleast we learned boys can't have proper grammer if their lives depended on it.

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Part of it too is that there are people out there who are actually sexist and do day things like this quite often, leading to very angry people trying to prove the sexists wrong in not the best ways

well, you technically jumped the fence, bravo!

Exactly! Now you can tell your boyfriend to say "Girl's can't jump fences... Well"

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(4) At the same time though she proved the boyfriend right.

So if I said "Boy's don't climb trees" and one particular boy couldn't, does that mean all boys can't?

Good for you for trying to prove him wrong! It's too bad that you broke your leg but at least you tried, eh? Fyl, op, hope your recover soon :) x

Yeah, in 6-8 weeks time! OP, you're lucky your bf cares that much, mine would probably jump the fence on his own and leave me to walk the long way! However, don't forget a ruler to scratch those itches!

He didn't say girls can't jump, just that they don't. He might've thought she had the ability until she idiotically proved she didn't. It's a bit weird that many of my friends wonder where chivalry went then complain when men have notions of what ladies ought not do. He phrased it badly but the advise was obviously sound. For all we know, it could've been a really high fence that he didn't even want to jump. OP, I'll say FYL because broken legs hurt but next time, don't feel the need to prove you're a stuntwoman.

Your boyfriend might've just wanted to spend more time with you by taking the long way! I would've done what he suggested, because it would've been more fun, and you wouldn't have broken your leg haha :P

But now they can spend some quality time together at the hospital.

totaly true i wish girls would think more deep into things rather taking it as an insult

Uhh if I said the same to you, wouldn't you take it as an insult?

Don't guys generally complain that girls read too much into what they say? They should take their own advice and say what they mean.

I agree with you totally but, he was being somewhat sexist maybe that's why he jumped the fence. xD Both genders can do whatever they set their mind to. Anyways she shouldn't of jumped it to prove a point and she could of just spent more time with him xD

She! That is what I meant, I'm so sorry, soon I'm going to be writing a FML if I keep these typos up xD

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What does his tattoo have to do with anything?? Just asking..

Thankyou 31 :) I guess he ran out of clever responses.. Or enjoys jumping over people's fences

Well... Ummm... Your mother fails!

Haha you sneak bastard. Your pic. I'm not gonna richu a live song.(: (I dunno how to spell that polemics name sorry)

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That's why....girls shouldn't jump fences.

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In my experience, girls ARE really shitty at jumping fences. So this FML is scientifically accurate.

133 I jump fences all the time and I've never been hurt.

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You're also on the Internet, therefore not actually a real girl.

I can promise you I am a girl, and I am real, and if I was a male, why would I pretend to be a girl?

Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Every girl everywhere

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I can't jump fences either. It's too damn high.

It's not hard at all. Most fences have three horizontal support slats placed at equal distance. You just get a grip with one foot on the middle one and hoist yourself on top. Then you can jump down or whatever you wanted to be up there for in the first place. It's really incredibly simple, I don't understand how a girl literally is incapable of jumping a fence. I have been doing it since i was a little girl myself.

119- same with me :P it's not that hard but not everyone can jump over. Same with some guys I know...

I thought it was just white men that couldn't jump. Silly me, I guess!

White people who have never seen the movie, "White Men Can't Jump." (Yes, that is the real title of a real movie.) Honestly, I'm just impressed that no one accused me of being racist.

I'm white and I got the reference. Had Eddie Murphy, yeah? It's been too long to remember for certain.

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100- Is it really racism if it's a fact? ;)

Now if I said black men can't swim...