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Today, my boyfriend thought it'd be a good idea to break up with me in his car. I had to walk home. FML
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that's when you just accidentally break something on the car.....

LaColombianita 26

A real man would have at least given you a ride back home. That was pretty rude of him. I guess he just didn't want it to be awkward though.


that's when you just accidentally break something on the car.....

QueenQuay77 10

No that's when you "accidentally" break his face.

firsties 5

Or accidentally walk to close with your keys sticking out ;)

Sorry to hear OP just think that there is always someone out there that will treat you right. just keep moving forward!

I hate reading these comments when "2 wrongs apparently MAKE a right"... If I were to break up with someone it would be good reason. If they decided to take it out on my possessions... they wouldn't be able to walk again. That's how it is, don't whinge about how I "roll".

I'm in the almost-breaking-up-situation too, and I think it's just plain bizarre how people treat the guy who is about to dump the girl. Like he's an awful asshole that only thinks about himself. If the feelings are over and done, what else is there to do? Fake the whole thing forever so she'd be happy but he's totally NOT?! I don't understand those revenge-seeking mthrfckrs. Learn to handle the situation. People like you are the whole reason this thing is so hard to do; if you could just agree with the feelings of the other...but no. You feel betrayed and you seek vengeance. Disgusting. On the other hand, he could have dropped you off at your house, that's what I'd do.

crchara 3

Perfectly fine when a guy breaks up with the girl. The inconsiderate move that is being brought up here is that he broke up with her in his car and made her walk all the way home (though op didn't specify how long the walk was) at least have the decency to driver her home or break up with her at her house.

Today, me and my girlfriend got into a huge argument in the car, which ended with her getting out and walking away in fury. Full of sadness, I took my car home and parked on the driveway. 3 hours later, someone drew dicks all over it with a key. FML

SignUpisntcool 3

All he did was break up. You guys are stupid if you want to mess everything up on his car.

I might be wrong, but I don't think the whole FML is based on the break up, I think it's the fact that he broke up with her in the car and didn't even have the decency to even drop her off home. He could have done it after they arrived...

and that's why we need more info, actually...but OK, none of or business, I guess. If my girlfriend tells me that she cheated on me while I'm driving, I don't think I'd wait.

crchara 3

Why is everyone assuming OP's boyfriend is a jerk? Yeah, not giving a lift home was kind of rude, but what if OP did something to cause the break-up? And he would rather not drop her home for fear of showing emotion? Sorry I'm just trying to put this in the most positive light possible.

blackheart24 10

I agree with keyboardwarrior. Who knows? OP could be the biggest bitch on the planet and totally deserve to be dumped and left stranded. You ably hear one side of the story, so it's hard to assume that OPs bf was a dick or if he was just plain tired of OPs shit.

pimpnainteasy 5

Lol wow y'all are saying break his face... He broke up with her not a big deal means he had no feeling better than cheating on her. Should be happy he left you

FYL, OP. But don't listen to the people saying to mess up his car; that ain't classy.

Two wrongs make a right and two thongs keep it tight.

Given that OP got dropped off on the side of a road in Montana, I imagine it wasn't a short walk home. Plus, there are bears; her ex-bf had to be somewhat of a dick to do that.

130: given the lack of information, like many others have said.. if OP had cheated on him, I couldn't care less how far the walk is. Maybe OP would think twice before doing that again. But if it was because he found someone else, etc, then he's a dick. Definitely not grounds for ******* his car up, that's just being a piece of shit.

42 - I didn't know that breaking up with someone is a wrong... I don't know what world you live in... But not everyone can have that one and only forever.

BarDownDaily 12

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QueenQuay77 10

It depends how much exercise we're talking here, if she had to walk far then hell yea exercise can hurt. And the whole way home I would have been plotting my revenge.

So 20 someone Losing feelings for another person which I presume happened here as in most dumping cases, is the green light for revenge on his possessions or on him. Put yourself in the shoes of someone breaking up with another then they brick your windows or some crap, not a good feeling is it?

Isn't that the whole point of 20's comment

you don't even know what she could have done to make him break up. Think

36-Even if he lost feelings for her, he should AT THE VERY LEAST have the decency to drop her off at home. And I'm pretty sure 20s statement wasn't supposed to be taken as seriously as you took it. Yes, revenge (usually) causes more problems than it solves, but I think OP needs to do something to set him straight. Don't be so quick to mindlessly attack somebody.

QueenQuay77 10

My revenge wouldn't be for him breaking up with me, it would be because he made me walk home after doing so. He could've gave the girl a ride, that's just messed up in so many ways.

No body would want to date your ass cause your so busy thinking of violent illegal acts so shut the **** up.

^It's called a comma, and calming the **** down. It's FML, the place for laughs, not for taking every little shit Eli ******* serious.

How the hell did you write Eli instead of "soo"?

QueenQuay77 10

First off you shut the **** up, because I will punch you right dead in your ******* mouth, so how's that for violence!!! Nobody asked you so mind your ******* business you stupid bitch!!!

too bad you weren't driving, then you could have run him over

Or OP can grab his/her car, put a brick on the gas pedal, and "witness" and accident

LaColombianita 26

A real man would have at least given you a ride back home. That was pretty rude of him. I guess he just didn't want it to be awkward though.

QueenQuay77 10

That's true but he could've waited until he dropped her off and then broke up with her, what's a few more minutes?

Yeah, I mean, it would have been awkward for the both of them. I think there's another FML on here where after the breakup, they sat a few hours in the car, which might have been worse

i think the most likely situation was that she yelled at him for 5 minutes until he was finally like, "get out."

QueenQuay77 10

Road Trip!!!!! I'm down, I'm in CT so I would love to go

QueenQuay77 10

Of course you would know, for you look like a man

BlackBlazeCobra 16

You should've forced him to take you home. He presumably broke your heart, the least he could do is be a gentleman instead of an asshole.

Why would you want to spend even more time with someone you've just broken up with?! Don't blame him for not giving her a lift

Jerica_22 5

Only if more guys thought like that

LoveMay 10

He shouldn't have to. She should have been dropped home by her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend.

Yes , If that was me I would of made him take me home awkward or not !! What a piece of shit this guy was . He got a lot to learn !! Sucks that you walked 0P but what sucks even more is that you couldn't be a pyscho and yell at him to take u home!! ;)

xXxIracebethxXx 14
KiddNYC1O 20
QueenQuay77 10

That's just wrong, I hope you didn't have to walk far. Next time you see him and his car, throw bologna at it and him. Ungrateful bastard.

connerwonner 7

Really? That's the best revenge you can think of?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

93 - She was making a joke. Let's see you throw around some funny ideas.

Write the word 'bastard' or any other suitable message in big letters on his paintwork.. with a key.

jerseyboy732 16

if only you had a louisville slugger...

Just be thankful he didn't literally "dump" you out of a moving car

TheEpicMilkMan 13

aw :c that made me sad, but you'll find someone better :) we always have someone perfect for us out there.

pinkcrayola 0

Not always some people die alone.