By IronFoot - 14/08/2011 02:41 - Canada

Today, while on the roof of my friend's house, I took a shortcut down by jumping onto the roof of his nearby shed. Not only did I go right through it and hurt my arm, I've also received several calls from my friend's dad, demanding I pay for the damage. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Even Santa is more graceful than you. And he's a 750 pound man with a bunch of reindeer to pull him around to the houses.


doctor_awesome 8

so do you. no one cares if you are first.

That short cut was a lot shorter than you thought. Haha

19- I saw you b4 , i think it was in firing range a few days ago , I remember your emblem

Jvr91 8

Today, my sons dumb ass friend jumped onto the roof of my shed in doing so destroyed it. FML

Was OP seriously not expecting any of this?

denvan 0

Op that's what happens for imitating Chuck Norris, only he can pull it off

enonymous 8

How can someone jump thru something as solid as aluminum... I mean it's strong enough to hold my soda and beer but not a grown man or boy?

andy_l 14

You were on a roof. Why the **** were you thinking?

WallyTheWombat 0

It doesn't, but most sheds have aluminum roofing. Keyword being MOST. Either way it was probably either old or shitty if someone can just jump right through.

Most sheds I've seen have a wooden or thatched roof. I'm trying to imagine an aluminium one and can only picture an "American Gothic"-ish silo.

65-- maybe most by you. Near me it's either ore fab plastic sheds or ones with shingled roofs. Rarely an aluminum one

A thin sheet of aluminium is very weak WTF did you think foil is made out of

Guys, guys, this isn't Home Depot... shut your faces. (Back to Fml) This is just one of those stories that you hit YDI before your done reading. Shortcut off my roof. Smart.

Good Lord, aircraft are hardly strong, you can use a can opener to cut up a Cessna, and larger jets just have chambered walls and a steel capped nose, which coupled with aerodynamics and Bernoulli's principal, allows for flight. And by pressurizing the cabin, an equilibrium of stability and strength is formed when in the higher atmosphere. I like planes...

Watch some Fail videos on Youtube and you will understand

See, 133, you fail because you looked that info up. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for self-education, but you just look like a jackass trying to one-up someone who is overall more knowledgeable on a subject you're discussing. As for the aluminum you mentioned, wouldn't it cross your mind that perhaps someone's corrugated metal roof is not going to be of the same tensile strength as that of a wing of an Airbus 300 per-say? People can't afford the $300+ sq ft for that material haha

.. Really? Cool it you two; remember where you are! :p

Op could sue for medical bills since the accident happened on there property so weigh that against damages

No medical bill as it is free in Canada.

block1 2

oh well, how could a plan like that fail !? YDI

seemed foolproof when OP read it in "parkour for dummies"

chickenwalrus 14

OP... so stupid... CAN'T... TAKE...STUPIDITY!

Shortcuts usually result in injuries.

No they don't... They result in getting things done faster

Give her a break. She says right in her profile she's blond

tylersign 11

13- Yeah, like breaking through friends' sheds.

Haha these dudes are being dicks... I agree with you on this only on the fact that if you're not careful then you'll most likely get injured haha

Yeah, if you take a shortcut on making my sandwich like leaving out mayo or something, I swear to god, you'll be telling all your friends you "fell" down a flight of stairs.

Most of the time they don't. Dumb shortcuts, however, yeah they probably would in one way or another.

geez people haha and blond has nothing to do with it. I'm pretty clumsy and usually end up tripping over something. cut me a break? :)

Ninjasaurus18 9

Yeah... Look at Little Red Riding HoodXD Haha, not always do shortcuts end up badly.

Kyuubi1589 1

Sorry man, you're not Batman. Don't try jumping from roof to roof.

iAmScrubs 19

Even Santa is more graceful than you. And he's a 750 pound man with a bunch of reindeer to pull him around to the houses.

Why were you on the roof of your friends house?