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By Anonymous - 22/04/2012 02:22 - United States

Today, on my first day of a new factory job, I discovered that my new boss had lied to me about my hours. I found this out when my coworkers burst out laughing when I mentioned having the weekends off, and talking about my recreational plans. FML
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If your boss already ****** you over, find a new job! He won't change.


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Ouch, you have a job at least

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You could quit if the hours really affect you that much, I mean it wouldn't be much different if he had just told you the actual hours and then having you declining the job offer. Still, dick move on the bosses part.

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Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to come in on weekends. That'd be great...

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Haha yes, my job doesn't even guarentee what time I can leave... Nope, no plans for me this Saturday, closing again

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Ah, six nights a week of my life! I hate it. One day when I'm done with school...

I work 60 hour weeks plus school 6 days a week and im a "part time" employee

If your boss already ****** you over, find a new job! He won't change.

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I would also put in a complaint to someone higher then him about him lying to you.

Indeed. When you finally do get another job and get an exit interview with someone in HR, make sure they know why you're leaving. Companies do care about their reputation among prospective employees, and hiring managers lying to their prospective hires about things like hours, benefits, job duties, etc., have a negative effect on that reputation.

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Doesn't matter, still have a job

Find another job then quit. Your boss obviously is dishonest and will only screw you further

and he should hold this job hunt when exactly? on his weekends off?

It's not like OP has to work every's very possible to find another job when you have a job already

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^ she has a point sir, you should listen to her cause usually she says many intelligent statements :3 lol

from the tone of his FML, it seems that he indeed does need to work every second

from the tone of the FML, it seems that he indeed does need to work every second

NO IT ISN'T!! you have no clue.... please get a few years of actual work/life experience before dishing out (shit) advice/opinions

52 I've been working for the past 3 years and have had 4 jobs so I DO have work experience, so stfu And think before you jump to conclusions

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I recently got out of a horrible job that I was lied to about work load. I worked about 60 hours a week and was on call a week at a time every 2-3 weeks. If you are really desperate you will find time to look. I skipped lunch doing phone interviews and spent nights leaving messages on machines, e-mailing, snail mailing resumes. It's possible if you try. It took me 2 months.

58, You wouldn't have had the time for those jobs if your employer or potential employers weren't in some way lenient. Simply attending interviews is impossible if you don't have the time available and something tells me each of your jobs is part time, leaving you room for those kinds of opportunities.

@67 - That entirely depends on the labor laws in your location. People should really look into those before just bending under the pressure of how much their boss tries to make them work. There are a lot of places now that accept applications via the Internet, which, if I recall correctly, does not require you to be at the store during operational hours to be able to put in the application. Also, if they manage to get an interview, schedule during a lunch break (because it's illegal to NOT get those for certain # of hours a shift) or put in for a day off and schedule it then. Where there is a will, there is a way, there is also no way that a job can legally force you to work so many hours that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to hunt for another job at the same time.

Must've been 'Be a tool Tuesday.'..Yes, I'll shut up now.

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What an unhealthy working environment

seriously if u kids and family. find a new job. so u can spend time with them on the weekends

I wanted to slam my head on my laptop after reading your comment.

If only employers were more accommodating, like "here's some money for free, take weeks off with pay"... But this is the real world children.

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22- I think she beat you too it, and slammed her head on her laptop when she commented.

Your boss is a dick, send a ticket in to someone.