By nitroman64 - 30/07/2010 23:40 - United States

Today, I was visiting my girlfriend at her house. We heard the door bell ring. She told me to jump out the window thinking it was her dad. I jumped, landed wrong, and got hurt. It turns out we were ding-dong-ditched. FML
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Why would her dad need to ring the doorbell? even if it was locked he should have a key

i dont get y the dad would ring the doorbell if he lived there.


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Ding-dong ditchers: 1 You and bf: 0

10 - *you and gf But ya shoulda been sure it was him before jumping out a window lol =[

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nicky nicky nine door? that's what I know it as...I'm from Toronto

Mothafucka shoulda pulled some secret agent shit and got on top of your roof. Then he could slide down the gutter drain. Then he could walk away, while your house blew up and not even look back. Because that's badass.

Dude man up!!! deal with the dad. ydi

this reminds me of an Afroman song... "but her daddy, he was waiting with a 2 by 4. oh he beat me to the left, he beat me to the right, the mutha fucka beat my ass all night. But I ain't mad, at her prejudice dad, that's the best damn pussy I ever had!"

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this seems fake why would somebody born in 64 do this?

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why the hell was my comment moderated? all I said was that it's fake because his name says he's born is 64

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It's funny because she thought it was her dad but it was really prangsters and you got hurt

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in Soviet Russia, doorbell ring you!

it's funny because you didn't have to jump and got hurt for it.

i dont get y the dad would ring the doorbell if he lived there.

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Why would the guy who OWNS the house ring the doorbell? Does he not have keys to his own house? YDI

Let me guess op u broke 2 toes and your leg?

agreed with 70 and 78. Why in the hell is the dad ringing the doorbell? Maybe if he knocked on the girl's door I can understand his window shenanigans... OP is either lying or extremely stupid.

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op it's called Nicky nicky 9 door. effing stupid americans. pfft

why would her dad ring the door bell? ure an idiot

why would your dad ring the doorbell and not just come in

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more like ding dong bitches

ugh k first of all it's both it's Nicky nicky nine door AND ding dong ditch and I'm from Toronto, :/ anyways, sometimes my dad comes home and he's carrying grocery shit and rings the door so he doesn't have to drip his stuff to open a doorr or maybe he forgot his keys honestly, you never know a persons story maybe the guys in a wheel chair and can't reach for the door or something I dunno I'm just saying but don't be rude :(

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why would her dad ring the doorbell, isn't it his house?

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Lol was it two story or one story? Why not just hide in the closet? :P Dumbass

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ouchh.. could have been worse. the dad could have been at the door and later noticed u there. you would have had fun explaining that to him (:

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Or it would have been funny if he landed on her dad xD