By anonymous - 30/01/2010 00:08 - France

Today, I told my best friend I was breaking up with my girlfriend of 3 years. He thought it would be funny to tell her I was going to propose to her that night. She showed up telling me how much she loves me and that when we get married how great it will be. FML
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Your friend is such a d*ck! Poor girl. As if getting your heart broken isn't bad enough. :(


it sucks for him, but it's also an fml for her.... after 3 years she thinks it's finally time and gets all excited, only to find out that he really wanted to end things, not take it to the next level.

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But it's totally awesome for the best friend, I want to buy that man a beer and laugh about this whole situation with him. It was a brilliantly-guy thing to do. xD

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hell yeah!! dude ima girl nd I agree wit yuh!!

yeah the joke is kinda mean to both of them (especially her) but it's still kinda funny

LOL Didn't happen to me and that is why it is funny!

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That's why the girl you're breaking up with should be the first to know rather than your friend. But that was pretty hilarious, that's something I'd do lmao.

marry her дпрпгпагирллтааполжзхзшрпп

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String of Яussiал, ahem, Russian characters >_>

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did u bang her? cuz if you did your are sooooo ******. (wedding bells)

I would hope that after 3 years he took it for a test drive :D

3 years u bet your ass they had to be bangin

you suck why would you tell your mate anyways.

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...because people usually want to get feedback on a big decision from someone they trust - like a best friend. Anyways FYL OP, your girlfriend should have waited until you proposed to say anything about marriage and your new life together...except that wasn't going to happen. Ouch.

well idk some people just get caught up with young love, as teenagers do, and say all kinds of stuff, like we see here

Yes, she should have, but being a former girl, I have to say that I understand. I had to learn to see what was there, not what I wanted to see, and it's still at age 55 something I have to remind myself to do! Unfortunate, and I am really sorry for all the pain and betrayal that this FML shows so clearly.

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I know what you were trying to say... but "...being a former girl..." tends to provide a different message than "I'm a woman now."

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wt the **** u mean when u say "being a former girl"? that mean ur a trannie or some shit?

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because he is your mate. ya know... buddies for life??

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what the **** "being a former girl"

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umm she obviously ment 'when i was a girl'. like, ya know, shes talkin bout wen she was a girl! god giv the woman a break

while mean, that's a pretty origional practical joke, I've never hears if this before and now I will try it out on a friend,

Hey great, you found a new way to be an asshole. You must be such a joy to be around.

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i would have kicked my friends ass oh yeah fyl for having a douche for a friend

I gotta admit, that was pretty damn funny. Now I want to know how you handled it.

dude you can't get mad at him for that. lol that's genius

That's ******* cruel. OP's friend deserves to get his ass kicked.

I think its crueler for the girlfriend, honestly.

She mustve been so happy when she realized she thought wrong!

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Your friend is such a d*ck! Poor girl. As if getting your heart broken isn't bad enough. :(

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I agree! Your bestfriend is an ass. If you were together for 3 years, she probably thought that things were going well. Why on earth your friend thought doing something like this would be funny, I don't know. I will say, she will probably hate you more for having a friend who's such a jerk. You are the company you keep. Unless your girl is a total bitch or diva, she didn't deserve this happening to her.

yeah his friend is awful! for three years though you spent with this chick. you wasted her time!

that's ****** up. ya I'd also like to know how you handled it.