By ponyboy - United States
Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she suspected me of cheating. She thought I was cheating because she caught me sneaking out in the middle of the night. I was sneaking out to plan my proposal to her. FML
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By  mshafty  |  0

I don't get why were you sneaking out into the middle of night to plan a proposal??? Isn't that the type of thing you do during the day? Sounds shady, I say either you were a) cheating with prostitutes b) cheating with male prostitutes or c) you are a prostitute.

All sound like valid reasons to break up with you!

  mike680  |  0

I'd try to explain and show proof and hopes that she forgives you and gets back with you and then when she goes to kiss you you punch her in the fucking mouth and tell her bitch I'm breaking up with you and I'll take my proposal to someone who would appreciate me.

  roobear  |  2

Girlfriend catches him sneaking out and doesn't give him a chance to explain, just breaks up with him. That is over assumptive to me.

Am I being over assumptive by assuming she's oversensitive? Possibly, but my lifetime of empyrical evidence suggests the two tend to go hand in hand.

  saaaammmmm  |  0

You must have not heard of the "you're one to be talking" corollary. It's was added in the newest version of FMyLife-logic, 2.0. Similarly under this new theorem a person may be assumed to be intolerant for being intolerant of intolerance.