By WTF? - 12/08/2013 04:49 - United States - Mesa

Today, I asked my girlfriend if she had ever broken up with anyone. She said, "Yes. You." and walked off. FML
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Don't let her get to you, she's a bitch and I'm pretty sure you can get someone WAY better then her, OP. :)

I bet you didn't see that coming...


Don't let her get to you, she's a bitch and I'm pretty sure you can get someone WAY better then her, OP. :)

Don't feel bad OP, she's not the right girl and she's a bitch

kick her to that corner where the dogs died


sounds like he gave her an easy out, unintentionally of course

than* her. otherwise it seems like he would find someone better then go back to her lol.

I want to know what they were talking about for him to ask that question and her just leave. There's got to be more to this

There's always more to these FMLs. For all we know OP could be an awful boyfriend and she just needed good timing to finally break up with him. Or she could be cheating and planned to break up with him and this just happened to be the perfect opportunity!

I'm sure that's her loss OP. cheer up!

Maybe she dumped him for your muscles.

I bet you didn't see that coming...

What an asswaffle. Op can do better than her.

Please not the word asswaffle. I used to joke with that word thinking I made it up, then found the meaning of it. O.O As for OP you be glad you lighten your load of one bitch.

Wow, that's horrible! You're better off without a bitch like that, OP.

She's a cold bitch who isn't worth your time. Someone far better will come into your life. Stay strong, OP, and let the past stay where it is.

Man that blows. You deserve better not a heartless girl.

What a cow, you deserve better OP.

I don't get how calling some women a cow is an insult. Cows are very beautiful, kind and useful creatures. Op's ex-gf doesn't sound like any of those things.

They're smelly. I learned that the hard way when I moved three houses down from a cow farm.

She sounds like a cruel woman OP, hopefully you give us a follow-up that says she walked away right in front of a bus.

I like the way your mind works... *evil*

Life is tough sometimes. Keep your head up and keep looking for that special girl. I am sure that she is out there.