By Lisa

Forever Alone

Today, at my younger sister's wedding, my hospitalised grandmother called to ask if I have a boyfriend yet, both my parents wondered if I'll ever get married, and when the 13-year-old next to me caught the bouquet, his father yelled from the back to give it to me instead. FML
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Male here. Get this question all the time. I take it as just another topic of a conversation, especially if they don’t know me. I respectfully tell them I’m not dating and then politely change the subject to my studies etc. No major fuss. If they’re really pushy, I’ll either find a way out of the conversation or explain that it’s not a top-priority in my life at the moment.

  lexos  |  16

As a man I myself I have heard that question to many times. It's just so annoying when the ask, when are you getting a girlfriend? If it was that easy for me I would already have one by now.

  tounces7  |  27

I don't know that we're not expected to, but it's significantly more challenging to find someone as a guy either way unless you're among the exceptionally attractive top 10%.

  Rabite  |  28

How is it more challenging? It's not like every woman no matter how they look just goes out of the house and can choose between a number of guys.

By  Dr_Jackal  |  16

Have patience, the right person will come along eventually. It’ll probably be when you least expect it. Just stay confident and don’t worry about it!