By Anonymous - 30/06/2012 01:06 - Canada - Windsor

Today, I saw my girlfriend walking hand-in-hand down the street with another man. When I confronted her, she claimed she had no idea who I was, and the guy told me to beat it. Later on, she returned to our apartment and actually tried to act as if nothing had happened. FML
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You let her come back?

EXACTLY!!!! I would've went straight to the locksmith and had him change the door locks. Then when she came home saw her key didn't work and knocked on the door I would open it look at her and act like I didn't know who she was and shut the door in her damn face!


You let her come back?

Honey I swear! I only fucked him twice!!

EXACTLY!!!! I would've went straight to the locksmith and had him change the door locks. Then when she came home saw her key didn't work and knocked on the door I would open it look at her and act like I didn't know who she was and shut the door in her damn face!

One Direction's Gay

That song popped in my head too.

Vitalyzdtv anyone?

Why would you leave when the guy told you to "beat it"??? That's your girlfriend! Handle it then and there! I can't believe you went home and waited for her. YDI

yeah sorry bout that... it was only a one night stand.. we cut tha cord after that a swear!!

I hate FML that piss me off, dude stop acting like a pussy and handle your business

" but i cant handle confrontations "

Just beat iiiittt!!!~

I wouldn't have let her come back. She would have come back, stuff on the curb, locks changed.

Dont even need a locksmith, do it yourself. Takes but 5 minutes with the right tools. Better off without that tramp in your life man.

If her name is on the lease legally you cannot lock her out.

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155- who wants to fight for an unfaithful whore who isn't even smart enough to try and be discreet about it? (seeing as she was walking around town with no shame while with another dude.) Bitches that need a guy to fight another dude as a way to choose one guy or the other aren't worth it.

155- Correction. Real women don't like guys to fight over them. They stay faithful and never give their man a reason to fight.

If that was my partner I would have shoved all their stuff outside the apartment before they returned.

77- What was OP supposed to do, punch the other guy in the face? The other guy probably didn't know he was 'the other guy'. Starting a fight with people in public would show, if anything, a lack of immaturity. Who OP needs to deal with is his girlfriend. Or now ex-girlfriend.

I can't believe the people saying he should stand up for his girlfriend in this. SHE should stand up for HIM. It's not like she doesn't have a voice of her own?! If she doesn't love him enough, then she's the one how can beat it!

Your ex is a bitch.

Maybe it was a doppleganger? Or an evil twin...

I would've stood and fought (if it came down to it), just for the principle of the matter, and if she tried coming back to me, I'd tell her to go tend to her new man.

191 - I have a lack of immaturity. And I would have told her off there. Best to let the other guy know what a liar she is, too. No need to fight him, just put her back in the spotlight. That's what someone with a lack of irresponsibility would do.

191-I said nothing about pinching the other guy. That's completely unnecessary. However, I would have confronted the situation right there. Just because the other guy told him to beat it doesn't mean OP has to roll over and submit. There are plenty of things OP could've done or said to prove that she was indeed his girlfriend and cheating on him. Whether or not that guy cares is a different story. But I would've most definitely changed the locks when I got home.

Wish there was two of you 208...

Maybe she has a long lost twin?

Thank you! I thought this the moment I read the OP. I would never have just walked away like a wuss.

Sounds like a great idea. OP should give it consideration.

"The bitch came back, the very next day..."

"lack of immaturity"? "lack of irresponsibility"? Are you people retarded or something..?

lol that sucks dude XD

Does it now? Please do enlighten us about how you reached this conclusion.

Yeah it's pretty hilarious XD... not

It "sucks"!? That bitch deserves to be smacked across the face. 752 times.

I'm not sure in what part of this FML where I "lol'd" what would you do in that situation?

752? Zya, be realistic. It's at LEAST 754...

I humbly respect rule from the llama queen

142: This comment deserves to be positively thumbed.

221- I love you.

Damn, I'm sorry dude. That has to be the worst feeling

Getting woken up from being punched in the balls is high on the list of 'Worst Feelings'.

Michael approves of this ^ comment.

Confront her Op, or give her the boot to the curb!

I believe he already confronted her about it.

So now it's time to give her the boot to thr curve

Or maybe she has a twin or evil clone.

I think #4 maybe meant back at the apartment..

Did you play along?

I don't think he would want to play along.

i wouldve played along for a bit and then exploded on her

I would at least until their like just Starting to sleep and then freak. It'd be like JOKES ON YOU BITCH YOU AIN'T SLEEPIN HERE!

maybe u love her too much. btw, hey beautiful ;)

Ive also heard they be trippen.

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This seems like a perfectly acceptable time to call a girl a bitch

Bitches be Trifling.

The best part is the number of likes on your comment as of right now is 99

amen bro

Girls these days... she's not worth your time, sorry OP.

Hey, both genders do equal amounts of stupid shit.

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unknown_user5566 26

Replying with anything other than "I won't argue with that" or "I agree" is arguing...

Ya it's more girls these days it seems :/

OP should ditch the bitch

Dude. That just sucks. I'm sorry I'd end it. That's just not right. :(

Agreed. He needs to kick that bitch to the curb.

How did the 3 people who said OP deserves it reach that conclusion? Please, enlighten me. Also, hopefully she's your *ex* girlfriend by now.

One thought process would be that OP is a total idiot and actually ran into someone who resembled his girlfriend while not actually being her. Not that it would make any sense to jump to that conclusion, it could possibly be true.

111, I guess 10 agrees with you. And that's why being an idiot and with no personality makes his life F'ed even more than just if he ended everything on the spot...

I said he deserves it for just letting this guy walk all over him. One dude tells him to "beat it" and he runs away like a frightened rabbit. No wonder the girl would rather be with the other guy.

What a bitch! I hope you kicked her out, fuck her...

I don't think OP would want to fuck her, she might have caught something from the other guy.