By bad day Brutus - 29/04/2013 05:26 - United States

Today, I confessed to cheating to my girlfriend. She decided to go up to the girl and ask her about it. The girl denied it and said she didn't even know me. My girlfriend walked up to me, called me a liar and punched me in the face. FML
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Well I can't say you didn't deserve that punch.

You pretty much deserve whatever bad things happen to you.


Well I can't say you didn't deserve that punch.

OP, at least you came clean, but you deserve that punch, and twenty more.

Why give credit to OP for coming clean?! He cheated, there's no credit in that.

i think Zazoo's logic was coming clean is better than getting caught out. but either way, that punch was well and truly earnt

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I'm 110% sure you wouldn't hold that same opinion if the genders were reversed.

You pretty much deserve whatever bad things happen to you.

Yeah for real. He's a jerk either way.

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Yeah! Violence against women is fair too if they cheat right?

If I ever cheat, I would be perfectly okay with being punched or slapped in the face. That's the treatment I'd give to a man who cheated on me.

If you put someone in the position he put his girlfriend in, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, I have no sympathy for what happens to you.

Hit YDI the moment I read the first line.

Way to pull imaginary gender issue out of your ass. You had to reach in deep for that, I think. Does not matter if it is a homosexual or straight couple, if the female or male cheated, you definitely deserve a punch in the face from your partner if you are a cheater.

maybe you were dreaming! haha but that does suck, but karma is a bitch!

This could be your girlfriend trying to save face. By refusing to believe you, she's pretending it didn't happen.

Written like Yoda, #4's comment was not.

I love the random high level of intellect I always find in the FML community

perhaps not pity... but i think most of us can agree we expected him to get slapped for something else

If anything you're lucky she didn't dump you on the spot. OP, cherish your GF, treat her better than you have been, and stay faithful to her.

Well, as sweet as your sentiment is, I think it's a little too late for the staying faithful part...I know what you mean, but once you do something like that it can't ever be undone. Sure she can forgive him, and they can try to move on, but the whole concept of being faithful is lost for good. It will always be, "Other than those other times of cheating I told you about, I've been faithful"; and that is just unreasonable.

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"I confessed to cheating to my girlfriend" automatically spells a "YDI" for me, really.

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"After she murdered my family, took all my money and crashed my car." Would you still YDI?

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I was really fond of that car... *snif*

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66- Don't change the context of the FML to substantiate an unnecessary argument.

Wow, op, your plight leads me to conclude that what goes around has indeed come around. Too bad she didn't rochambeau you with her hiking-boot clad feet! YDI to the max, you cheating goober, you!

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***googling rochambeau*** hmm French general from the American revolution that was sent with 5,500 troops to help the Americans defeat the British by King Louis XVI. ***noted and filed away***

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#21, further research shows that the term Rochambeau was used in South Park to describe a game where two players took turns kicking each other in the crotch. This connotation makes a lot more sense.

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You're right lol I had no idea how the two went together. Thanks!