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Today, I was telling my best friend that I was feeling unattractive, and that I never get asked out. As she was trying to make me feel better, we were interrupted by a stranger trying to hit on her. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

That's when you busted a move and asked the stranger out, right? Right??? Take control of your destiny.

Is feeling attractive the only thing people strive for these days?


RedPillSucks 31

That's when you busted a move and asked the stranger out, right? Right??? Take control of your destiny.

Im sure you will find someone one day There plenty of fish in the sea (to bad we are spilling oil in them) But yeah take control of your life do instead of waiting

Definitely should have asked out stranger

The stranger could have been a complete sleezebag. Just because he hit on her friend doesn't mean he's a catch!

Every beautiful girl has one ugly friend. If you don't have any ugly friends then you are the ugly one.

This comment would be better if your picture was of Neji instead. /nerd

Rofl 95, made me laugh...but anyways I won't be completely irrelevant.... OP, I hate to be the person who gets all cheesy and what-not but seriously, there is somebody for everybody...but on that same note you shouldn't be timid and hold back whenever a guy does approach you, be confident and hold your own in the conversation. Of course, depending on what type of person you are, easier said than done.

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I totally just read this in Pervy Sage's voice!! :D

Or ero-sannin. Anyways if it was behind he would be going " you can't control fate." unless you mean the later neji, who didnt talk about date much

Really though. We're in the 21st century. Women are our equals. You, too, can ask a guy out. There's no set rule that only guys can ask someone out.

Is feeling attractive the only thing people strive for these days?

#2 - In this generation it is. Duck faces, mirror shots and so many others are "supposed" to be attractive. While I'm looking at them asking "what the **** happened?".

Everybody who thinks that only people (aka teenagers) of the 21th century wants to be attractive, deserves a bullet in the non-existent brains. Watch some Horrible Histories, people. How can you complain about mirror pictures when women used to dye their hair with piss to look beautiful (and eventually become bald)?

Regretfully. I don't know how many conversations with the youth of America ended with me smacking them upside the head and telling them "you're pretty, now stfu about it and let's work on that brain of yours!"

38 has a point. However no other time in history did you see 14 yrs old girls getting breast implants and tummy tucks. In early history they at least tried to be subtle about it. Plus, the whole social network thing adds an extra dimension of obnoxious previously never seen before. I think what baffles me most is that this is supposed to be the age of Aquarius! Lol we are supposed to be moving past the superficial and embracing higher learning, etc!

"However no other time in history did you see 14 yrs old girls getting breast implants and tummy tucks." But maybe, just maybe, that's because plastical surgery was not at that point in the Elizabethan age. 14-year olds just got married then. And subtle? Dear god, have you seen the gorgeous Georgians? They wore wigs with apples and flowers in it, come on. Also, I think that there are not much 14-year kids who get breasts implant. I even think that's illegal, because the body is still growing.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Fortunately some of us teens are sane.

My guess is that people feel "successful" when someone of the opposite sex is attracted to them. It's bound to happen to most people.

No, it's not the need to be beautiful, but the basic human need to feel beautiful and loved is what we strive. Outer appearance as a means to achieve this is nothing new, only social values and norms have changed over time.

38- why do women dye their hair? Cus their insecure... So technically your argument made no sense. Good job

^ Girls use hair dye to look awesome! Hell I would use it, but I would probably **** it up.

#45, I have to disagree. First of all, most 14 year old girls DON'T get breast implants and tummy tucks. Those are the minority and the extreme, so you can't judge a whole generation based on them. And besides, the only reasons people in the past didn't do so was because 1) different body shapes were popular at different times, and 2) they didn't have that technology. Ok, so a few, very rare young teenage girls get plastic surgery. In comparison to history, that's nothing. What about corsets, lead-based whitening makeup, foot binding, bustles (the things that made women's asses look massive in the 1700s), etc? There were many more dangerous and more widespread beauty practices in the past than there are now. Trust me, these people were NOT subtle. Not only that, but at least THIS generation isn't one that has to be pretty to succeed. In the past, you had to be attractive in order to get a husband if you wanted to be successful. Nowadays, women can actually get jobs and succeed on their brains and skills, not just their looks. Consider that before you claim that "this generation" is worse than the others. And "age of Aquarius"? What does superstition have to do with anything...?

"38- why do women dye their hair? Cus their insecure... " Euhm...No. They did it so they could get the most wealthiest guy as possible. Knowing that women had difficulties to find a well-paying, not-so-heavy job (if they were allowed to have one), it could be quite useful to have such a man. Or even just be his mistress, that would be enough for a life without financial problems.

People who feel they are attractive tend to be more confident. Confidence makes getting things done in life easier. When you are confident, you can be more outgoing which opens up a lot of opportunities. There is nothing wrong with striving to look your best or being attractive as long as you aren't letting other things slip like attitude and knowledge.

People who feel that they are attractive DO feel confident, but that has nothing to do with actual appearance. You could be ugly and FEEL attractive (or just not care at all), and you can be attractive and FEEL ugly. Worrying about your appearance falls under the second category because it means that you *want* to be attractive, but don't actually feel that way. And anyway, attractiveness and confidence can only get you so far. You need to have actual skill and knowledge to back it up. Just because you are super confident and outgoing does not mean you would be, for example, a good doctor. Therefore it makes more sense to spend time trying to improve your character, knowledge, and skills, than to worry about your appearance.

People seem to get more stress trying to make themselves look better (which ironically is intended for self esteem and happiness). In that case, why care at all? (other than the basics of not looking like a grunge).

I color and/or lighten my hair not because I'm insecure, but rather because I get bored with having the same hair color for too long, that & my natural color is mousy, and I just don't like it. I've had my hair nearly every color imaginable. My favorite was deep pink with blue peek-a-boo highlights. ......... OP, it's hard to see it when you're already feeling down on yourself, but just because your friend got hit on when you were feeling unattractive does not mean you are. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself that has nothing to do with your physical appearance, learn something new, do something unselfish for someone else, be a genuinely nice, pleasant and happy person... When you've done that, if you still feel unattractive, figure out where your insecurities are, and gradually do small things to improve them. It could be as simple as smiling more.

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#2, Yes, but if you are not physically attractive, you can make yourself attractive in other ways. You can make up for being butt-ugly by having a sparkling personality, a kind soul, a sense of humor or by being a good listener. If you can't do that, hand out free beer and weed. If all else fails, people will be attracted to you if you hand out wads of cash.

you have some nasty dying habits miss. would you please piss on my wig?

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Those were the longest 21 replies I've ever read.

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I bet that made you feel better.

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Obviously it didn't seeing how it's on fml...

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I'm pretty sure it's called sarcasm.

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*Obviously* that was sarcasm.

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That's why it's in the negative though... People don't see it as sarcasm... we do need a sarcasm font... Seriously.

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Um sorry but look on the bright side you have an amazing friend.

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I'm going to invent that some day for the sake of sarcastic commenters!

I say you just don't give a shit. You're beautiful anyway.

Yeah, she needs to be the honey badger of the situation.

Or surround yourself with ugly friends. It works.

How do you know that op isn't just an insecure but still shitty person. You don't know that they are beautiful inside or out.

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Sucks, but maybe you should try looking for someone instead of waiting for someone. Better chance of success

Wow, the people who thumbed this down must be nice... OP, you shouldn't be so concerned about your appearance. It really isn't important. Priorities, people. And who cares if your friend was getting hit on? It doesn't make you any less beautiful inside or out. It's not a competition. You're going to have a hard life if you keep being so sensitive.

91, This was thumbed down because it is wrong. Looks do matter, they're just not the most important thing in the world. Well rounded people accept that appearance is a factor to attraction and a part of life, you're not being less shallow than appearance focused people by refusing to acknowledge the importance of it.

#145-- Looks actually DON'T matter to me. I don't have to pretend. :P Do people actually believe that looks matter that much? It's sad. And even if that's true for some people in a specific situation, i.e. physical attraction, that doesn't mean that looks are important in any of the countless other possible contexts.

Don't feel too bad... Maybe you're just not the type of girl that the stranger is into.

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Thats horrible, but it's okay because a good man will love you beyond looks:)

There are some good hearted Boys out there.

I could probably count all the "good hearted boys" I know with only one hand.

133-then you need to quit hanging out with assholes.

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Story of my life, don't let it get you down, OP. love will find you

Did you give up, go home, cuddle with your twelve cats and cry into ice cream or did you go get a makeover? As superficial as they are, looks are all people care about these days, so it's an easy fix!

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Just cuz a girl puts on make up it doesnt mean she instantly becomes attractive it just means shes ugly with make up haha and in some cases i personally thing make up can make a girl look even uglier