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Today, I put the little boy I nanny for in time-out. In retaliation he blasted an air horn in my face. I can only hear out of one ear now. FML
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me234 7

That sucks his parents should have to pay to get your ears checked


BEEEEP. ... Well yeah, that's not very nice, it happened to me once.

kevsnev 7

Haha if my parents found out I did something like that to my nanny or any guest I would get a beating.

No wonder his parents got a nanny, probably fed up of the brat...

warpedblue2 0

I hate parents that hire nannies so they both can work. The kid becomes estranged and rebellious and a brat. Kids sometimes need more than a timeout.

Anyone else feel that this FML is oddly worded? It sounds a bit... weird...

PenguinSwag47 0

Where the **** did he get an air horn? Don't you think you should take that away if he's going to be in time out?

Should of punched him in the nuts.

59- I had a nanny whilst both my parents worked and I am nothing like this child, so before you make such a sweeping generalisation do some research.

128, You only hear about the kids that turn out as horrid little brats.

This kid needs some asian parents to take care of him

I think it's safe to say he needs better parenting.

Well, man, I know good parents that have bad kids.

TheDrifter 23

No, you know good people who are failing as parents. It happens, some people just don't have it in them to train children.

Sometimes it actually is a bad kid that no amount of good parenting can tame. Kids are not blank slates. They have personalities, some of which are just assholes.

Think about it. Who would leave an air horn close enough for a kid to reach it?

91- well parents who don't really pay attention or don't think their children will take it.

me234 7

That sucks his parents should have to pay to get your ears checked

SmittyJA24 26

... and then some!! Can you say "sue the parents"?

Oooh I can! "Sue the parents!" Now, where's my cookie?

TheVelocirabbit 10

Sue the parents for what a little kid did? I say sue all the little kid's piggy bank money and bring in Ted the Bear as a witness!

What a poor country where one has to pay to get medical treatment. Well, the taxes are way better invested in military and war than health care and education, no?

84, ignorance at it's finest, no? We pay for our healthcare so we don't have to wait in line for it, and you of all people should know about heavy taxes.

yumyumpoptart 16

see if you lived in Canada, there wouldn't be a problem for paying to get OP's ear checked...

@148 no, it would just take half a year to reach the front of the line

****. Reminds me of when I was a kid, I was born half deaf so people would make loud sounds in my ear hoping I could hear it. I could, but it hurt. It'll wear off OP don't worry.

reallytho3 11

OP should've drop-kicked the little bastard.

Am I only only one who first read this as "half dead"? LOL But I'm sorry you had to deal with those punks. Kids can be huge jerks.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

This is why I don't like children.

zuzupetalsYO 11

This is why I don't like most children's parents.

Thumbs down for your comment and your gay ass picture

WolfGirlRin 12

I think it's funny you said 'I don't like...' when your pic is of Fluttershy

I would tell his parents what happened. Then they can deal with the little bugger as they please. ...or, you can 'donate' a couple of his toys to more deserving children, if you know what I mean >:) Otherwise, FYL for having to put up with the brat.

Donate? Burn, obliterate, annihilate, destroy, kill and sacrifice the toys, it would be so much more enjoyable >:) not to mention how fun it would be too.... I'm going to be a bad father...

This is one reason I'm not a big fan of kids. And everyone, OP doesn't deserve it. The kid was bad, he got a time out. It isn't OP's fault the kid is an little brat.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Off topic, but I love Fluttershy too :)

That sucks OP. I'd tell his parents and hopefully they'll take his horn away from him. I just hope that doesn't cause any permanent damage for you.

sue the kid for everything in his piggy bank!!!!!!

BubbleGrunge 18

As a fellow Nanny, I feel your pain! Raising other peoples children is not easy! At least once a week I wish the child I watch was mine, because once swift spanking would do her wonders!

Quit complaining go to college and look for a new job

19-Has it ever occured to you that jobs aren't exactly one click away, y'know, with the economy and all? And how do you know she isn't in college? You don't. Who are you to talk, you're not even a senior in high school. So **** off, asshat.

19 - By your bio, name, and pic, I can see that you know what is best for that chick. Your months of schooling have taught you well. Everybody, everybody! Be quiet! Bobeattaco is going to enlighten us with his extensive knowledge of how to live your life. Please, go on, Bob.

19 you spelled lemon wrong in your profile

PrincessesCrown 17

19: Im pretty sure that "lemon" in your profile is a pear. Just thought I'd point that out.

Ahhhh yes.... The wisdom of high schoolers. They know so much about how life goes on outside of school....

BubbleGrunge 18

Oh 19, how I wish, little boy, that you were mine for just ten minutes. We would see who would be "complaining" then. For the record, I am in school, and work part time as a nanny. Oh, and I have an educated back ground in early childhood education , therefore my complaining ass doesn't complain on pay days. To everyone else, high fives all around to you all! Smooches!!!!!