By Anonymous - 11/06/2012 12:42 - United States - Fort Lauderdale

Today, I got a new set of acrylic nails put on. While driving home, I had an urge to pick my nose. My car then went over a speed-bump. I now feel like my brain is bleeding. FML
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You're driving....why are you picking your nose?

Note to self: don't pick your nose while driving. but that really does suck OP, hope you feel better!


Note to self: don't pick your nose while driving. but that really does suck OP, hope you feel better!

Or ever, for that matter.

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Sorry OP but how can you not notice a speed bump?? I'm sure they're painted bright in Florida (nail pun intended) :-)

Bro picking your nose is the best part of life.

Okay now what are you gonna tell people about the scar on you nose, you had a nose-picking accident?

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Fairly certain the scar is on the inside considering she was picking her nose.

Fake nails are overrated anyway..

Don't pick and drive. Stay safe America.

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That's snot good! Ok yeah. I'll just go die now. -_-

Jerry Seinfeld.

In the words of Ralph Wiggum. "the doctor said I wouldn't have as many nose bleeds if I kept my finger out of there"

You're driving....why are you picking your nose?

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Multitasking- you're doing it wrong

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O please, everyone wants to pick while driving. But Op, you must resist! Distracted driving kills - especially if you're distracted by a bleeding brain!

There really is no need to resist, as long as you knw how to drive. or op was picking a little too vigorously.. Btw that is filthy. Bacteria from the nose that got under the nail are there to stay

LLMMMFFFAAOOOO, #5 I did that when I was little

Whoops posted on wrong comment, here come the dislikes

Do not fear!! Picking your nose is norma.. Wait. No it is not.. Sorry OP

Haha oh what a bright idea!

I find this really disgusting, girls getting their nails to look pretty, when really they're just using them to pick their nose and scratch their butts better...with a pretty good front.

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Hey I have a serious question for you ladies out there: why do women get hair extensions? o.O

When I did extensions it was to add color. My hair is dark and can be expensive and time consuming to highlight. Hair extensions can be a less expensive alternative if you can do them at home. Not to mention if you go with an odd color like I did, easy to remove if needed for interviews or other things.

lorenzoman77 7

Ah, I understand now. Thank you!!

^ to extend the length of their hair.

Got a question for Lorenzo. Why must you put a topless picture of yourself up as your profile picture? Never understood why you skinny MySpace phaggots have the urge to do that.

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114- or to thicken it out.

Can you drive legally?

What does that have to do with anything?

They are inferring that OP must be young because they she is picking her nose. Everyone picks their nose from time to time, just don't eat it like one of my friends *gag*. OP, don't pick your nose while driving!

67 - I read a study that found around 40% of the population picks their noses and then eats what they find up there. The people who ate their boogers got sick less frequently and with less severity than those who didn't. The vast majority of your mucus winds up at the back of your mouth and in your throat, anyway, do why does it matter if it gets their intentionally or naturally?

I choose to believe women don't pick their nose,fart nor poop. I could be wrong though.

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89- ....WTF!?! did you look that up or something?

89 - Actually, that's not entirely true. Us humans are built for our environment. Just like camels. Camels have 2 (maybe 3 can't remember) layers of eyelashes. This is so all the dirt and other crap from the desert doesn't get in their eyes. People have hairs in their nose for a reason. The hair in your nose stop things like dirt and any other harmful substances that try to fly their way up there, and when we pick our nose (and eat whatever you get) you are quite possibly eating a harmful substance which may harm you. And yes you get mucus to, which is just disgusting.

134 - No, I like to read. I see something interesting, I read it. 136 - I think the medical school that did the research knows quite a bit more than you. Yes, the hairs prevents some of the dirt and yuck from being ingested, but the vast majority of it still winds up in your throat. That slimy feeling you probably have at the back of your mouth at any given time? That's snot running down your throat from your nose.

I'm sorry 142, but that doesn't mean that eating your boogers boosts your immune system. Your general mucus is fine, considering your throat, eyes, and back of the nose is always soaked in the stuff; but the boogers in your nose are condensed shit from the air around you with some of your mucus in it, since it's there to collect the shit there off your hairs in the first place. If you eat your boogers, you're eating the dirt, skin cells (and other cells like bacteria. fungal spores, etc.) and fibers floating around in the air. Do you really think that's healthy?

171- genius man. Best explanation so far.

143 - well you must be very unintelligent if you believe anything you read. If your own common sense doesnt even tell you that eating your own snot is healthy, you must not be very smart in the first place. And last time I asked my doctor they were on my side. 171 - yes that is very true

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are you gonna start a booger wall? please don't. That's nasty

Booger wall? Is this what I think it is?

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Eww... Just eww

Same as your pic..

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everybody picks their nose. theirs no denying it.

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Who cares if she thinks that's gross! Cause it is! Just because everyone does it that doesn't mean it's less gross

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68, *There's***

#92-BANG!!! Duck face bitch. Nobody finds that attractive! Get a ****** life...

Agreed. It's still disgusting no matter how many people do it.

That'll teach you not to go digging for gold in public!

Are your nails okay?

Is it just me, or are those things creepy to anyone else?

I like to think they are, 17

Yeah it makes me feel like they are going to poke someones eye out... Or in this case someones nose.

No, they're not okay. They're plastic and tacky. (I'll enjoy the inevitable thumb downs on this one.)

plastic and tacky? those bitches are like 40 dollars

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If I would get a manicure I'd stick with my natural nails thank you very much. But I do my own bc I'm not spending $40 on plastic and glue. I'm gonna spend the $40 on 20 different nail polishes.

Tacky doesn't mean not cheap. You can get a black velvet painting of Elvis dying on a toilet for $100; doesn't make it any less tacky.

One thing you can be sure of girls; if your BF likes your fake nails its cos it reminds him of a pornstar. lol

That Sucks!...FYL!

You should be sorry! Making her pick her nose while driving! What are you thinking?!