By walmart: first time, last time - 12/05/2013 16:37 - United States

Today, while I was out shopping, a fairly hideous-looking woman stormed up to me and accused me of ogling her, saying, "As if I'd ever date you!" Less than a minute later, she'd somehow managed to bully me into falsely admitting to it and apologizing. FML
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YDI. Stand up for yourself. Don't let yourself be bullied.

Bullied by an ugly lady? Come on bro.


I call BS... It's hard to "storm up" when riding one of those Walmart scooters.

YDI. Stand up for yourself. Don't let yourself be bullied.

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Way to stand up for yourself

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#77 Why are you asking #2 this?

Bullied by an ugly lady? Come on bro.

She shouldn't try so hard to flatter herself... I hate people like that, ugly or not.

should've said 'same to you, have you even seen yourself?' hehe

Then tell her your little brother loves the movie Shrek and ask for an autograph.

Girreth 7

Or, seeing as how you clearly aren't confident enough to fire back insults, you could just say "I'm gay." What's she gonna do? Call you a liar?

You should have falsely admitted to it and apologized the first second she came up! Otherwise people would see that "fairly hideous" woman arguing about you looking, and cast the stink-eye at you.

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Ahhhh..... walmart gotta love the crazy

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Wow. I can only imagine how much of a pushover you are for pretty girls.

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Should have told her that you would rather screw sheep.

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Baaaaaaad choice of words. Sheeprobably think you were into that stuff.

In situations like that it's best to just get out ASAP. I usually just pretend I don't speak English and walk away. (Not that this happens to me frequently)

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Stop oggling me you ugly freak!

Agreed. If you hadn't just apologized and walked away, she may have just flipped sh&t on you and things could have gotten exponentially worse.

Seems like ugliness is not just in her face.