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  Straka  |  0

hey prinny, it's straka, and real music is made by instruments; guitar drums brass woodwinds, stuff that vibrates and makes noise, dumass, not a machine, it's all techno crap, humans just have to press a few buttons and you have a repeating chorus for 2 and a half minutes, NO SKILL INVOLVED

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I know it's a bad show from the commercial and its focus on guido douches.
I don't watch MTV at all.

I hope OP is one of the guido douchebags on the show.

Ydi for fist pumping.
I remember when fist pumping wasnt popular, though equally douchebaggy.

  yessirfosho  |  0

Im originally for Jersey and that is not even remotely close to what people from jersey are like. We may be assholes but we aren't a bunch of worthless pile of guido fist pumping dildo ass licking shits that deserve to be beaten within an in of our lives like those cock stains on the jersey shore!