By wolfpacking - 02/02/2010 05:51 - France

Today, I was in the car with my friends. A techno song came on and we started fist-pumping. We hit a bump, I fist-pumped myself in the face, and crashed into a stop sign. FML
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Fist pump to techno??? ......................Sorry, I just can't even picture it. That's like headbanging to Frank Sinatra.

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lol I did something like that before

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Listen 2 some real music and that won't happen again

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I'm betting the 3rd person view of the whole thing was just the best.

lol, always the irony of running over a stop sign

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Ydi for trying to be like the dumbasses on "the jersey shore"

how the hell you fist pump yourself in the face why driving??? you got some sort of auto driver?

so stakra what is real music? classical 24/7? techno is music too (gasp).

it takes on hand to fist pump must be a jersey kid for doing thattt

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hey prinny, it's straka, and real music is made by instruments; guitar drums brass woodwinds, stuff that vibrates and makes noise, dumass, not a machine, it's all techno crap, humans just have to press a few buttons and you have a repeating chorus for 2 and a half minutes, NO SKILL INVOLVED

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everyone YouTube "British texting psa" that is why you don't drive with friends fore at least one year after getting a licence

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YDI for just fist pumping and not "fist pumping like a champ"

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OP, where do you live? is it somewhere on the Jersey Shore? how's paulie-D? fist pump. . . lmao

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iSwag, FTW! Hahaha, this just made my day.

reminds me of that deit pepsi "men can take anything" commercial

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I agree. YDI for watching even one second of the Jersey Shore

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in order to know a show is that bad, you must have seen a second of it. Hippocrate

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I know it's a bad show from the commercial and its focus on guido douches. I don't watch MTV at all. I hope OP is one of the guido douchebags on the show. Ydi for fist pumping. I remember when fist pumping wasnt popular, though equally douchebaggy.

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Not true. There's this little thing called reading reviews. :P Or you know. You could see a commercial and know that it's just a bad show.

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I've never seen the show and I know it's a royal piece of shit. You see a commercial and you know it's garbage.

jersey shoe is hilarious.hatin is bad for ur health

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lol. iPhone typing is anything but reliable.

Fist pump to techno??? ......................Sorry, I just can't even picture it. That's like headbanging to Frank Sinatra.

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it takes a dbag of massive proportion tohave that even materialize as an idea

exactly. i'm not really understanding why you would even attempt something this idiotic. didn't your mother ever teach you to always keep both hands on the wheel?

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What?! Sinatra's ******' metal man!

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Refer to hardstyle techno. It's all based around a really strong bass and you can fist pump to it all.

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dbcheeseburger ur ****** hilarious

ydi for living on the jersey shore, beeyotch

The people in that show aren't even from Jersey >.

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Im originally for Jersey and that is not even remotely close to what people from jersey are like. We may be assholes but we aren't a bunch of worthless pile of guido fist pumping ***** ass licking ***** that deserve to be beaten within an in of our lives like those **** stains on the jersey shore!

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ydi for fist pumping while driving

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I hope you don't "fist pump" your friends while driving again! Ceiling cat is watching!

that's what you get for fist pumping to techno - very funny though