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Today, I was taking a patient's blood pressure, and listening for his pulse with my stethoscope. I couldn't hear anything, so I adjusted the cuff and tried again. Still no pulse. He pointed out that my stethoscope was the wrong way around and sneered, "You been smokin' the reefer, boy?" FML
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If you had to have your patient teach you how to do your job, maybe this is not the right field for you.

Well, that kind of thing happens to everyone... Although I would be slightly worried if I was your patient.


Also just because he made a mistake doesn't mean he is on drugs.

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We shouldn't assume such things so quickly. Just because the doctor made a mistake doesn't mean he's on drugs. Does making Donald Duck noises during sex make me crazy? I think not.

He's talking about the one who accused him... Not the op

#19 It's highly unlikely the actual doctor was taking the blood pressure. It's much more common that a medical/patient/lab assistant or tech was doing it as a pre-exam. And while you're correct that assumptions shouldn't be made it was obviously inexperience, is that the kind of person you want handling you're medical history?

It was an honest mistake #38.We all make it now then.Like how in Science class I asked what the heart does beside pumping and "humping" :I

^ To clarify here, the "he" was referring to the guy who made the reefer comment, not OP (I would have said OP!). And I was pretty much joking anyway. So everyone just chill out a bit haha

#46 Agreed, in any profession this is true. I work on the medical field so I understand the mistake. I didn't mean inexperienced in a derogatory way, I meant as in eventually it's like muscle memory and comes naturally. And about handling the medical history I was referring to why the patient probably made the comment, not my personal belief about OP's abilities...I apologize guys for not clarifying, when I reread it I realized how negative it sounded, and that was not my intention. As you said honest mistake.

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Infamous, it's not just muscle memory man. Sometimes that shit just gets rotated and it takes you a minute to catch it. Hell, most if the time I forget it even has two sides.

Thank you, 14! I have nurses at my home, multiple times a week and I have to go to the hospital 3 to 4 days out of the week. Nurses are going to make mistakes here and there. OP's patient sounds like a prick!

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Ah, you must be the guy I just recently read about. I was crying when I read that.

If you had to have your patient teach you how to do your job, maybe this is not the right field for you.

so you've never made a mistake while you were working?

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That was kind of an obvious mistake. Like reading building plans upside down

24- There are some fields in which making a single mistake can have such drastic consequences that it should be unacceptable, human error or not. Medicine probably tops the list.

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It's true, everybody makes mistakes. Even in the health care industry people make mistakes. However, when working in the medical field the margin for error is substantially lower as you are dealing with people's lives. Even though OP's mistake was a minor one and didn't cause any harm to the patient, it was still a very elementary mistake that I would expect someone who has had training would not make. Taking vitals signs are the most basic of skills in health care and is one of the first things we were taught.

I take it none of the people commenting here have used a stethoscope before. There is no way of telling if it is the right way around until you actually listen through it.

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I have used a stethoscope many times. First as a nursing assistant and then as a licensed nurse. It is not difficult to tell which is the correct side and which isn't. Again, it is one of the most basic of skills and is among the first skills that are taught during training.

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41: You're partially right with what you say. There's no way to tell if your bell is correctly rotated until you listen, but it's almost impossible to physically put a stethoscope on.

If the OP is a student they probably just did this because they were nervous. The first few times working with patients can be a bit scary if you're not used to it.

My cardiac stethoscope has a bell that can be twisted around so either the cardiac bell or the regular bell is audible. I hardly ever use the cardiac bell, but sometimes it can be twisted to that side in my backpack, and I have used the wrong side. Pretty easy fix though. Just saying it can be an easy mistake to make if his stethoscope is like mine.

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Also 44 he may have been in the back of a rig. If he just went drone some super intense code three to a code two medical without realizing his ears got twisted its highly likely that could have happened. It's embarrassing but really not a huge deal.

It didn't kill him so no problems, right? Sure it is embarrising, but everyobe has their moments, even doctors.

Well, that kind of thing happens to everyone... Although I would be slightly worried if I was your patient.

"Have you ever met that funny reefer-man?" "He smokes a reef he gets high then he flies through the sky, have you ever met that funny reefer-guy?" I forgot the rest of the song.

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Haha weed 420 smoke xD... ******* dumbass

This thread is quite a disappointment. Now closing.

What's sad is there's clearly not enough stoners on FML...

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Was that comment intentionally ironic?

Everybody has those days! Nobodies perfect!

No worries, doc, every now and then we all do dumb things. We're only human, after all. Too bad this patient of yours didn't understand that.

Though you have to admit, his comment on that was freakin' hilarious.

Im pretty sure i had a toy stethoscope when i was a kid and always knew the correct way

My doctor always checks it in her own wrist first to make sure which side. So far I'm pretty much well taken care of.

#61 That's what I was taught in school to do too when using a stethoscope, to prevent making that mistake.

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61 - That's to make sure it's not too cold. It's blatantly obvious which side is which.

So I've heard (from those who would know).

Hello Dr. Greenthumb, paging Dr. Greenthumb!

They can write prescriptions for the good stuff ;)

Don't worry, you were just under (blood) pressure.

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Pushing down on me, pushing down on you...