By hendrixisgod86 - 15/05/2015 18:48 - United States - Crestview

Today, some genius shot through a red light, hitting my car and nearly killing me. When I went to ask if he was okay, the first words out of his mouth were, "I hope you have insurance". FML
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At least you know you're a great human being for asking if he was okay even though you're the one who almost got killed!


Dude, the website is called **** My Life. You can say 'bitch'.

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Hey, he may be a bitch, but OP can **** this guy with the legal system for being an asshole.

#61 I'm sure the children now a days know more curse words than school studies. maybe she doesn't like cursing or she's religious

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For **** sake, say it......BITCH!

Because so many children use this site

you'd be surprised how many children use this site. I remember my brothers reading me the more appropriate fmls when I was like ten.

Hate to break it to you, but I don't think he did anything to sorry OP. I think he left OP unsorried. Must not be a very good sorrier. He should take sorrying lessons. Maybe then he can do something to sorry OP.

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as a grammar nazi myself, i'd like to embrace what's stated in the Reply above. please use Commas; because "let's eat grandma" and "let's eat, Grandma!" are totally different. "to" indicates direction "too" as in "also" (me too, etc.) sorry for the Rant. i'm bored. i'll show myself out.

57, I don't think you're a Grammar Nazi...

having a picture of uma thurman from pulp fiction as your display picture is the only reason im not gonna go bezerk here but just because you are from Germany, it doesn't make you a grammar nazi.. Nuh uh

"I'm a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi yet I fail to capitalize my "I"s and instead choose to capitalize everything else all willy-nilly!"

At least you know you're a great human being for asking if he was okay even though you're the one who almost got killed!

"I hope you're okay, so I can sue the **** out of you."

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Hopefully you called the police to reconstruct the scene/take inventory of this idiot's demeanor. No doubt he will try to blame you and it would be your word against his.

You should have said "why do you need a good insurance agent?" That guys sounds like an ass.

Yeah, if I was OP, I probably woulda punched the guy upon hearing that. I hope OP is more level headed than me..

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Hope you were like no, you need to hope you have insurance idiot

Bad things happen to good people. Sorry OP!