By Missy - 09/09/2009 20:16 - United States

Today, I was sitting on a park bench with my very elderly grandfather while listening to music at a low volume. Suddenly, he turned to me and said very loudly, "I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD AIDS!" I received strange looks from everyone because he mistook my ear buds for a hearing aid. FML
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Lol a classic "grandpa" moment, you'll laugh about it later :)


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YDI for not knowing the difference between aides and aids.

Lol I kept wondering as to why OP was cool about having AIDS!! Now i know thanks to you # 27. OP how can you be stupid enough to type Aides as AIDS. [And i too was stupid to keep wondering! LOL]

#27, you mean YDI to his grandfather, right? You sound pretty damn ignorant clicking "YDI" when his life is clearly ******. That really sucks OP.

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lmao thats hilarious!! almost choked laughing haha i wish i could of been there 2 c it... but ignore the masses they cant do ne thing but look at u n talk 2 make themselves feel better... i agree # 27 ur an idiot who clearly needs to go bak 2 the 4th grade {if ur an adult n ur on then u clearly need a hobby...i recommend something starting w/ an m n ending w/ asterbation ;D ...lololol} ...the grandpa was the one who said aids n the ppl around the O.P. thought that the grandpa meant aids as in wat u catch wen u do things w/ some1 who has slept w/ some1 (possibly 1 or more ppl) who slept w/ a dirty hoe (female or male) that has it.

your life is not ******. your life is normal and the situation wasn't even that bad. so a bunch of strangers think you have aids. here's a load off: nobody heard and nobody cares.

BTW #27 and #31, I think the OP was just showing how it sounded when grandpa asked the question loudly and in public. Of course he didn't think she had AIDS

If it's spelled "Hearing aides", then that must be an awfully widespread spelling error, as the National Institute of Health's website spells them as "aids" many times over many articles. May you all experience an FML for being such knee-jerk nazis. But I hit YDI. Why? You were hanging out with your Grandfather, yet you were wearing headphones and listening to music? That sort of rudeness demands a backlash of some sort. And if anyone can find a clip of the "You Have AIDS" song from Family Guy, I'd be much obliged.

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It was clearly a joke and I was mocking the trolls who say stupid stuff like "YDI for being a woman!!!" But I suppose I can't expect people on fmylife to get my sophisticated humor. #45 What are you doing calling me out when you can't spell or form a clear sentence.

Shelbtron: 1. There is a difference between "**** my life" and "my life is ******". "**** my life" = bad things happen to you, your life sucks, etc. "My life is ******" = your life is ruined forever. This is not 2. If you don't care, don't click on the damn fml. Don't tell someone else to stop bitching when you're doing the same.

Hearing aids, eh? Well that's what you get for having all that unprotected phone sex. I hope you're happy.

ROFL! This is the first FML that made me laugh so hard that I cried and so long that I choked Good job :)

#81 - Maybe learn2readbeforeposting. yes, i know that was one massive put together word, but that is the best way for you to learn.

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sinful your retarted.... he was making a joke.... smh damm

37and 45, you are the ******* idiots here. learn2read.

Lol a classic "grandpa" moment, you'll laugh about it later :)

Give him a hug and a kiss because he totally deserves it. You're gonna miss this moments once he's gone.

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:( lucky, I dont have any grandpas, I miss grandpa Tom :(( R.I.P

hahahahah xD Aw come on, you gotta forgive ol' gramps. You know how old people are ;D

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It sounds fake, but made me laugh. :)

The people that overheard him gave you strange looks the rest of the day? do you and granpa live in the park? With other people that just stayes there? I would have looked at you funny too

By any chance, is your grandfather danny the tourettes guy?

You're grandpa is AWESOME and you should appreciate him more.