By Poser - Canada
Today, I was at a bar and met this great guy. He was going outside for a smoke and I wanted to go too. Since I don't smoke, I decided to borrow one of my friends cigarettes as an excuse to go outside with him. As I was lighting the cigarette, he pointed out that I was lighting the wrong end. FML
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  gIsaac  |  0

105 tons of people refuse to even try it once. It's some bullshit belief that it only takes one to get addicted which is obviously impossible- whoever says it's like that is really really dumb and doesn't even understand the meaning of addiction

  SpicyDuck  |  22

that's not exactly it. it's the fact that once you try it you'll later think that the next time might be better and not as bad as the first, then you keep "trying" because you took that first hit.

  nenagh_  |  0

jordan -- it can start a habit. my dad died three weeks ago from lung cancer. he got addicted to cigarettes (in habit form) after having just one, then got sick. so fuck you.

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Jordan, everyone knows that when you take the smallest puff from a cigarette , lung cancer drags you into the nearest back ally, beats you up, takes your money, and leaves you there to die.

OP: YDI, but that is hilarious, and hopefully he figured out you wanted him.

  ghjvio  |  0

having just ONE ciggarette does not in anyway make you addicted.! i smoked socially (a couple every couple of days) for 8 months before i got addicted.

  Sithis23  |  0

104, even if you had a couple every couple days it can still be an addiction! If you couldn't quit or go without it for a while, it's an addiction
And you said it yourself! You eventually got addicted

  Luckster  |  0

And if you REALLY felt like you needed to impress him with smoking, you wouldn't have lasted the first puff. It burns like hell. You woulda been choking, coughing, and probably vomiting, depending on how weak you are and how strongly you inhale.

  White667  |  0

Have you ever had a cigarette #8? Because my first was as smooth as you'd like, seriously not even one cough. It's just weather you actually know what you're doing.

By  Cheekers1989  |  0

I think that is a very stupid thing that you did. You should have simply told the guy that you didn't smoke, but you just wanted to step outside with him, and talk.

I'm sure he wouldn't objected to you doing so. Trust me, It hink it would have been easier then proving to him that you're a dumbass.

Not to be cruel, but seriously. Tryin' to act 'cool' is ignorant. Just be yourself, and if the guy didn't like that. Then he simply wouldn't have been with your time...

Learn that, for the next time you decided to act like an idiot.

By  rockyroad1234  |  0

Smoking doesn't really look cool anymore. People look cooler when they DON'T smoke.

Also, you shouldn't try to change something about yourself just to impress some guy from a bar.

By  haweb  |  0

I agree with everyone else, but would like to add that it's pretty ridiculous that you don't know which end of a cigarette to light. I don't smoke either, but I know which end goes in your mouth and which end you light. I could maybe understand if you were never around it, but since you borrowed one from your friend...well, sorry you're dumb.