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wow, you must be kinda stupid. most places like that have contracts with certain companies, so if there wasn't necessarily a company friendly gas station around, then op would have to pay for the gas himself which would be a lot considering it's a tow truck and canada's gas prices are higher than the usa's

  adavis24  |  0

hey dumbass you don't always have a business card to fill up on! he could own his own towing & recovery business which requires 1 truck and yourself no body else! so fuck off before you say shut you don't know about

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@55 the cost of putting a bit in the tank to get to another company friendly gas station vs the cost of having your truck towed...
gas stations are not that hard to find when you know youre running low. this was just stupidity. any cost incurred for filling the tank would be less than the cost of the tow and lost business.