By icanthearyou - 04/04/2013 23:55 - United States - Rock Island

Today, I was working at a daycare. There was a 6-year-old boy pretending to be my doctor, holding a little, plastic thermometer. He then, without warning, quickly shoved it deep into my ear. The last thing I heard was his giggle. I think I'm deaf. FML
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Time to call the parents. Now, if only you could hear them...


bybib 20

Ouch, but in all honesty. I probably would have paid a bit more attention. Little kids don't always know when to stop with ears.

But OP says it happened without warning. There's no way she could have expected that.

bybib 20

I disagree. The kid with something in my ear would be warning enough. Maybe i should have said something about allowing it to go on only for a few seconds at the most.

hooligyn123 18

I am pretty sure said child jammed it into his ear, as in one minute in hand, next second stabbed into ear.

Time to call the parents. Now, if only you could hear them...

This has nothing to do with the FML, but what the **** is wrong with your picture?

im_joking 11

Ouch. Contact the parents, and a real doctor too.

StarThrower 17

Not to be insensitive, but what about your other ear?...

Why do people keep responding to her comments with flirts? This is FML, not Zoosk. gtfo

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"I'm truly privileged to look this good without clothes on, Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off, And when I'm gone you won't remember... Thank God I'm pretty" - EA

yeah..I was gonna say..pretty sure people have TWO ears...unless OP was stupid enough to let the kid do it to both ears...

for some reason I love seeing an fml I moderated, it makes you feel special hahaha