By Maxie - United States - Chesterland
Today, after my 5-year-old finally got over his grandmother's death, we went to a store and saw a lady that looked exactly like her. She came up to us asking if we saw her grandson; I can't get my son to stop freaking out. FML
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  chinchily  |  12

That's happened to me, after my dad died, my aunt took his car and my jet-skis and gave them to her son (because she thinks she has the authority to do that) and I was only 15 so I couldn't do anything.. And her son, my cousin, was driving around the town my dad lived, with a hat on (like my dad) and, yeah. Not the best thing to see.

  Bubbelz  |  24

You should've gone to the police, she has no business stealing his car to give it to her kids!! Depending on when this happened, you can still sue them.

Sure, it won't help your relationship with them. But she already drained that down the sink, when she stole your fathers possessions...

  chinchily  |  12

Yeah she even gave some of his shirts that I wanted to keep to his neighbor that no one knew. (Luckily he let me have the ones I wanted back) and it was 2 years ago this month... So doubt I can do anything now. Oh well, jets skis where about to break down, as was the jeep.

  Noelletakumi  |  36

I had a similar situation when I was 5 years old after my grandmother died. Her sister looked so much like her that I got scared and screamed when she approached me at the burial. So embarrassing to think about.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

True enough, but perhaps those were the words that came most readily to mind for OP. Would "come to terms" with his grandma's death be a better way of phrasing it?

At any rate, OP, I'm sorry about that. It was really an unfortunate coincidence.