By arknvl - Norway - Trondheim
Today, my boss yelled at me for visiting Facebook on my work computer. He says that since I can't be trusted, I'll be supervised from now on. I was uploading pictures to the company's Facebook page, which I have to do once a week as part of my job. FML
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  ironichalibut  |  24

41- My belief is that because people who are smart enough to question the intelligence of the higher authorities actions or opinions, or the moral implications that often come with such positions, are just too hard to be manipulated by their superiors.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

It's almost as bad when your boss yells at you/writes you up while you're doing research for a job, via the internet. At the same time, your boss is Skyping, for hours on end, which is not work related at all. Most bosses have a power trip and take it out on their employees. Sorry you have to deal with that, OP.

  shinychic_96  |  7

I agree that he shouldn't have to work at home but he shouldn't have people f**king criticize his suggestion, so the a$$hole gets praised for it, and one person gets to feel stupid just for offering something.

By  grumpybr  |  13

Judging by previous FMLs I'm starting to think most bosses are just incompetent idiots trying to convince themselves they are better prepared than their employees.