By asthmattack - 25/01/2013 06:30 - Australia - Mona Vale

Today, I was suffering from an asthma attack, so I grabbed my inhaler and took a puff. This was probably very disturbing for the earwig which had somehow made my puffer its home, as I discovered when it shot into my mouth. FML
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crazytwinsmom 25

Puff the magic earwig ...

I don't actually know what an earwig is. I keep imagining a tiny mustache/toupee that lives in one's ear. I won't google it because I like thinking that. Don't judge me.


That bites! Though I hope YOU didn't...

Mmm panic attack the earwig is thinking NOWS THE TIME! ATTAAACK

crazytwinsmom 25

Puff the magic earwig ...

Thursday737 7

best fucking comment I've ever read.

..... in a land called Albuterol-E!

Lol I haven't heard that song in forever too bad the kid dies

There's a button for that.

That's disgusting :/ FYL.

Hope you're fine now OP!

Huh commenting on a random thread just so it's on the first page. What a great idea!

41, hypocrite.

Mmm... protein!

No one wants surprise protein like that

JoeGrant 12

Well, no one except Bear Grylls.

If you're using an asthma inhaler, you're inhaling - not swallowing. That earwig could've ended up in her windpipe and that would NOT have been fun. =/ I have asthma, so I know the drill, OP - I always check inside my inhaler, not because I've found earwigs, but because it rattles around in my purse and a few times I've found pennies inside (and you do not want to inhale a penny).

Well, they are good protein :D

TheVoicesTalk 3

Those darn earwigs!

I don't actually know what an earwig is. I keep imagining a tiny mustache/toupee that lives in one's ear. I won't google it because I like thinking that. Don't judge me.

They do have such things. It is a little wig that goes on your ear. But the insect, earwigs, are creepy.

Hiphuray4peas 27

The idea that earwigs hang out in ears is just an urban legend. Earwigs, members of order Dermaptera, are known as earwigs because of a bastardization of their original name, "ear wing," which is actually more relevant to their morphology since their primitive wing unfolded looks like a human ear. They are known for their heavily scleritized cerci (what most call pinchers) and their tendency, as an order, for maternal care of young. Very cool insects if you ask me and are worth the effort to google.

Perhaps you're more familiar with the name "pincher bugs"

I don't like earwigs as much as #33. :P Personally, I have a greater dislike of them than spiders!! D: If I ever saw one on my bed, I'd panic and possibly have nightmares *shudders*. As opposed to seeing a spider crawling on my bed. I'd just flick it away and watch it hide.

As primitive as sounds all I really need to know is that when my foot hits it it's quick painless and lights out for the bug

#8, I like your image way more than mine: flying roach.

perdix 29

#8, I like your way of magical thinking. The Internet has been such a bummer for me because of all the song lyrics. I've found out that many of the lyrics I thought I knew were actually wrong. But, I still liked mine better. Example: You've got the peaches, I've got the cream Sweet to taste. Saccharine. Or Sweet potato. Saccharine. Sweet potato is better, right?

Poor thing must have been traumatized in the last few seconds of its life

"Now take a deeep breath" Poor little thing, there goes its wonderful home :/ On a more serious note, I hope you didn't choke on it. That must've scared the living shit out of you.