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  ddeboer4  |  9

it doesn't say a penis. it just says penis. I read it like she needs to get laid more and then they would have a better relationship.


I think it's more of a "you women are IMPOSSIBLE to figure out and are made of all sorts of crazy" thing. I dated a girl who smashed my windshield out of anger because I didn't get her anything for out __NO JOKE__ 1 year 3 month anniversary.

Do couples even celebrate that? it's such an odd reason to celebrate.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

lol 64 at first I just read 3 months so I was thinking good thing it hasn't been long so you can get out of the relationship but then I realized it was 1 year and 3 who knows what all else you've had to deal with from her :/

  Ugi  |  26

Then you would say "if you were a guy" or something. The joke or implication would be exactly what you suggest - I wish you had a guy-like personality.

If you refer to a penis specifically then you are surely implying something sexual. He is asking for a guy's body, not a guy's personality.