By asthmatic - United States
Today, I used my inhaler for the first time in a year. As soon as I took a puff I felt something strange go down my throat. Upon closer inspection I discovered there had been a spider living in the mouth of my inhaler... and I had just swallowed it. FML
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How would you know it was a spider if it already went down your throat?

What would there be to inspect closely? The puke from when you made it come back up.

I'm tired of all these fake FMLs.

  TinyTot13  |  0

I'm pretty sure if you are in the middle of an asthma attack, you aren't going to stop and check for spiders before using your inhaler. I would think the main concern would be the fact that they are unable to breathe, not the small possibility of a spider living in their inhaler.

  PureGold  |  0

Um...spiders actually have eight legs. Just, FYI.

I really hope you knew that, and "six legged" was just a typo. Cause I definitely learned the difference between spiders and insects in kindergarten.