By DeepTaccer - 30/10/2010 21:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I was sucking on a Tic Tac. Just as I was starting to get into it, the Tic Tac suddenly shot down my throat. After a minute of coughing and gagging, it came back up… out my left nostril. FML
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I'm jealous.. I wish I could be cool enough to do that!!


I like your picture #1 I've seen it before LOL

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If I had a rice for everytime I- oh wait...

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yes 101 "they" do still sell tictacs I would suggest some for your penis breath asap

102 - Also, it's a good thing her picture is in black and white, because I have a feeling that she's as orange as an Oompa Loompa.

73- Win!!! hilarious mental picture there with your comments!!

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that. right there. is. SKILL!!

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YDI for not realizing it had come out of your trachea and past your pharynx and somehow past your mouth; up into your nasal cavity. I call fake.

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102 and 106. I hope that made you feel better about yourselves by saying that.

Yes, it did. I am exuberant. Can't you tell?

And my comment wasn't -as bad- as 102's. 102 called her a *****/****, and I said that she probably has one of those terrible orange spraytans (which is probably true, looking at the tone of her skin in the picture, in addition to the hints that she isn't naturally dark).

This is not really an FML, funny still. But, your life is not going to change too much from what I can tell...

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yeah eew.. but bigwhoopteedoo get over it,, not much of an FML

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No, #2, what's gross is how she so deserves it for swallowing (or in this accidentally swallowing) anything white that isn't semen.

ewwwwwwww 85. srsly just cuz u can't get any doesn't mean op deserves to get comments from womanizers like you

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111- You mean "...are ALSO orange" right?

117-I think he meant the GOOD tic tacs are orange:))

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you all know that the OP is a man, right?

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actually no. I was choking on some food once and coughed and it came out my nose. it mostly felt weird and kinda tickled

ya, but I bet you were eating noodles or something. op was eating a hard candy. ouch. :P

I was eating a chocolate grasshopper in Mexico when it happened D:

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A Chocolate Grasshoper ? ThatS nasty and un-human

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Happens to me with carrot pieces all the tume

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has anyone ever told you that you look like Tina Fay

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Yeah, you do look like Tina Fey.

i always knew Steve was a crazy box man sent to capture earth for the Irish.

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why do you have to single out the Irish?

I'm jealous.. I wish I could be cool enough to do that!!

especially if he finished it afterward!

It is only cool when it goes out of the apposed to the left, then, and only then, is it an 'FML'