By Jakesssss - 10/04/2015 01:02 - United States - Hudson

Today, I showed a kid how to knock somebody out for self defense. He then knocked me unconscious with the same method I'd just showed him. FML
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Aspen_Grace33 27

Well, look at the bright're a great teacher!!!

You taught him "self defense," and now the brat learned to assault.


Aspen_Grace33 27

Well, look at the bright're a great teacher!!!

assurant 12

he is either a fast learner or he just really wanted to kick ass

At least you know you make an excellent teacher.

i read your comment in castiels voice lol

Should've seen it coming. Who wouldn't want to try it out after to see if it actually works, and who better to try it out on than the teacher that taught it to you?

Dreamsorrow93 24

It honestly sounded like something I'd do.

How would they know if they've learnt it correctly unless they try the move out? Joking (kinda). If you don't want the move being done than you should probably let your students know not to do it hard, only in slo-mo; because I can see some students wanting to make sure they're able to do it.

silvermoon5033 26

At least you taught him correctly?

why would he do the same thing to you once you reached him the moves? Did an Karate teacher teach you those moves?

Were you floored by his newfound talent?

wtf kind of technique is this that even a child can knock someone out

The sleeper? Unless op meant some sort of punch that knocked people out?

A karate chop to the chest (sarcasm)

Now that's a new way to get an ironic fist in the face.