By emliv12 - 25/05/2012 07:07 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my grandmother told me my favorite top had a permanent smell of BO, despite my constant deodorant use. I wear the top to work just about every shift. I now realize all the weird little comments my coworkers have made are actually hints to go take a shower. FML
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At least it came from your grandma and not your boss, eh?


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How did you not notice the 'permanent' smell?

#16 Not everyone recognizes their own stench. It's actually harder to figure out your own stench then others' stenches.

Your co-workers probably make fun of the fact that you wear the same shirt everyday. I understand if you feel insecure in other shirts, but please for your own sake don't wear it everyday.

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31- It could be one of those jobs where they have to wear a certain color coded uniform so it's slightly less weird for OP to be wearing the same shirt to almost every shift.

61- I have a feeling that it's not a company shirt seeing as op said that's it's his/her favorite shirt. I don't know about u but I for 1 hate wearing company shirts.

61 if it was a company shirt then I doubt OP would call it his/her favorite shirt. I think OP is just one of those people who feel insecure about themselves in certain clothes.

It's like the smell of your house you will never know what it is..!

60- he didn't mean go out and buy new clothing every day...

71 and 86 - a lot of stores don't make you wear company shirts. For instance, Target's dress code is any red shirt without a logo and khakis or a skirt. Walmart employees can wear any blue shirt. So if OP works at a store like that, and her favorite shirt is the right color, she could easily wear it to every shift. Also, she never says she works every day.

110 well she certainly doesn't wash it enough , or else she wouldn't be smelling like BO

Yeh if you wear the same shirt constantly (even if it's washed often!) it's gonna stink...

At least it came from your grandma and not your boss, eh?

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Doesn't matter who said it... op needs a new shirt and a deep cleansing shower.

More then one shower is needed if clothes are permanently smelling. And if people are dropping hints about it. Just like a girl at my school. Gross.

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Learn how to do laundry also OP. It's not hard.

Most people are unaware of the fact that deodorant is actually for all-over use. Not just underarms.

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You know what else is an all over use? Soap.

Yeah, cause I'm going to rub a white powdered stick, that happens to be 4-5 inches in length, over my entire body? Who really does that? I find it a little bit odd..

Just because some deodorants claim to provide freshness for up to 72 hours, does not mean that you don't need to wash for 3 days. I hope OP does not have a pair of favourite undies.

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64, it's a joke. Don't over think it.

Lol, I think anyone who uses deodorant in parts other than their armpits has low self esteem; but that's just me.

64--- my deodorant definitely says "for underarm use only". That's a clear indication it's not intended for all over use....

Aww that sucks OP. But now that you know, just blame it on the perfume next time you meet your coworkers :)

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My perfume doesn't smell like BO but maybe that's just me...

Mine does. It's called Body Eau de Toilette.

Did the weird little comments sound like: "Did everyone here have a shower?" "Damn, it smells like BO in here!" "Someone forgot to use deodorant today!" Because those aren't little comments. But couldn't you smell yourself? If not, then smelly clothes aren't your only issue.

Believe it or not some people really can't smell themselves. Like a house brand fart, they might not realize that the smell they are giving off might not be pleasant to other people. Hahaha

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Maybe OP doesn't take showers but just puts deodorant on, on top of her BO.

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You know what i would do? Wash the top

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I thought I was the only one to think of this. If OP insists on wearing the same shirt, why not throw it in the wash at night? Seems like a simple fix to me.

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Sometimes shirts absorb so much sweat and odor that the wash doesn't help and an odor still lingers. Like pitstains, they don't go away. If op has been wearing the same shirt EVERY time she's at work, no doubt it's been through enough sweat to get soiled.

I'm not sure if OP showers everyday, but uh this smelly shirt problem could have been avoided if she took one RIGHT BEFORE every shift... Seems to me she thinks that she can just throw on deodorant and be good to go, eh no. OP YOU NEED TO SHOWER BEFORE APPLYING DEODORANT!!! CAUTION; YOU WILL STILL REEK IF YOU DON'T SHOWER. Deodorant will only cover up for your lack of self cleanliness for so long...

Or combine the two methods: wash the shirt after each wear and shower before each shift. Deodorant alone won't handle all life's problems. OP, maybe you could try an anti-perspirant as well. Some people do have stronger than average body odour. If that's the case, you should have two identical shirts in rotation and get special cleanser (my friend makes a spray with baking soda and other things) that breaks down enzymes or something before washing with regular detergent. I'm no expert; google it.

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...why do you wear the same shirt everyday?

Exactly! maybe OP's coworkers wouldn't think she needed to shower if she wasn't wearing the same clothes all the time.

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