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  DjeePee  |  24

Yeah, like love has something to do with the amount of money someone likes to waste...

That being said, my sexy lingerie sets are cheap (H&M + sales = winwin), but I'm still happy my boyfriend doesn't destroy them. Can't imagine how mad/sad I would be if he did. But on the other hand, it shows that he really is into it, and it doesn't sound so nice to become mad/sad on him because of that.

Solution: let him buy you another sexy new lingerie set. See if he's still going to destroy it.

  omarzrgz  |  3

#54 it's not like he is destroying it while you don't have it on. He is seeing that you're doing something to turn him on and is trying to return the favor with great sex.

  phantumgrey  |  6

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  MickGold  |  8

30- uhhh... Some people don't have the money to buy $110 lingerie. 3 is right, It's what she gets. Quit being such a douche and love ur lady for her, not her clothes and the price of them.

Ugh, the nerve of some people! Lol ;)


30- How do you know if it's from Walmart or Target? Do you check the tag of a girls underwear before you go out on a date? Honestly a lot of intimate clothes from both stores are just a sexy as Victoria's Secret stuff and a hell of a whole lot cheaper. If you are that shallow you need to be single.

Like the country singer Grechen Wilson said "I don't need no designer clothes to make my man want me."


You could've still looked cute for cheaper. He might not have been as excited, but it would save you money. IMO, less is best. If she is in just undies and a T-shirt to get my 'attention', that would get me going.


I got some lingerie from Target for $18 the other day and wore it last night and my husband went nuts. I wouldn't buy it at Walmart simply because the quality isn't good, but Target is way better quality than that. On another note, I do have a few tops from Walmart that actually aren't poor quality. I also have Chanel sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton purse. I grew up spoiled ridiculously rotten and still never bought designer clothes for myself. I shopped (and still do) at Macy's, Old Navy, JCPenney, and Target. My stepmom got me my LV purse for Christmas and I only carry it so I don't hurt her feelings but it's ugly and something I would never buy myself, money or not. Expensive designer price tags don't make things any better than something else. The quality might be better and it'll last you longer, but some of it is as ugly as hell. Is better to save money where you can even if you're rich because one day you might not have all that money and you'll have no idea how to survive without it.

  SPAIDZ  |  0

Not necessarily. I know lingerie gets me going better than if my girl just starts out naked. The slight tease and getting her out of it is all part of the fun.