By anon - 31/07/2010 17:04 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my cat trying to mate with my favorite sweater. FML
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the shirt just wants some pussy!

thatonedame 6

that'll happen.


thatonedame 6

that'll happen.

My cats do that to my blankets but they usually just lick and suck and slurp and massage.

Laugh My Fucking Ass Off. That's so funny I had to spell it out. Lol could you picture a cat attempting to make sweet love to a sweater? Lol I love it.

its funny cause your cat is horny and now your sweater is full of cum

FYL_hardd 0

lmfao at 5! OP, maybe your cat thought you sweater was another cat?

I guess the cat thought it was lovely too :P

Help control the sweatcat population have your pets spayed or neutered. I'm tellin you op get that damn sweater spayed before there's an epidemic!

Lol cats would do that in Newfoundland. Gotta love it there.

You should of let him mate with his purr-fect mate OP. F the cat's life.

Your life REALLY sucks doesn't it

YDI for having a sweater out during summer.

WhooperFTW 0

It's funny cuz you saw you're cat trying to mate with you're sweater

YDI for wearing a sweater at all lol

LoUiiS_01 0

it's funny because sweaters are inanimate objects

it's funny because it used to b your favorite and know it has cum on it

bahahahahah; he just wanted some :DD

#48 It's funny because you don't know how to spell "your"

Film that shit! Cat porn FTW!!

ucandoit 0

did it work?

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

14 cats don't "make sweet love". They don't love or enjoy sex like humans. In fact, the only other animal that enjoys sex besides dolphins. God.

^ why do elephants masturbate and other animals hump things If they don't enjoy it?

noscopeheadshots 0

69 pull your pants up and put your shirt down xP

Izzy_babii 0

Why is it more YDI' is that OP's fault? lmfao

Izzy_babii 0

btw 69...HUGE ass nose,lol just sayinn

TotallyTubular 0

Where's the FML here?

80 I bet mines bigger

^^^ Actually 48 did spell it wrong. You are the dumbass.

69 the more evolved the brain is, the more pleasurable sex is. That being said, it doesn't mean humans are the only ones who experience sexual pleasure. Of course animals masturbate, it's only natural (even foetus do). Cats do that all the time, I really don't understand the point of writing this story here. When you have a cat, you learn to keep your sweaters and blanckets out of its reach. I still think it's better than being humped by a dog.

it is also his favorite sweater

my cat does this to a stuffed bear every time he sees it!! my other cat sucks blankets and it's gross.

Well let's not all gang up on Jake! Lol he was just trying to prove my joke wrong and he failed. :) <3

take it as a complement at least it liked your sweater

dude get the fuck over it, seriously. it's nbd. my cat has done that so many times.. there REALLY needs to be a "stfu and gtf over it" button...

Granddragon 0

pepper spray it. I know that always takes me out of the mood.

14 - it's laughing mfao. anddd it's not THAT funny. it's not really a fml either.


This isn't an FML it's just a weird thing I am sick and tired of people posting stupid things and then call it a FML.

ur life is screwed.

#86 you're a dumb ass. Please think before you address me. I'll continue to let you feel stupid now...

pics or it didnt happen. :P

#61 How do you know he can't spell your? He just used the wrong one in his sentence.

the shirt just wants some pussy!

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shayyyyy 0

haha #2 FTW

better ur sweater than u

Today, I was getting it on with the hottest, fluffiest thing I had ever seen. Then my person walked in and took it for himself. FML

hahaha the optimist ftw!!!!!

You sir, are WIN. You win one free internets!

ifinsane 6

That's what you get for getting a cat

yea, I think ur cat may be so obsessed with u he gets it off with ur fav sweater

kylee_09 0

cats need lovin too =p

you could have kept this to yourself.

Zaira921 7

just wash it and get over it. =p

I can top that - my pot belly pig had a "lover log" know one should ever know how a pigs semin smells or that his dick is curly like a cork screw.

I really did not need that information.

sammehsaurus 0

Yeah coulda gone my whole life without knowing that :/

yscpunkchick 14

where do you think the term "screwing" comes from?

smokergirl420 0

Haha, better than walking in on your kitten trying to mate with his brother.

more softer sweaters for u

Pshh! Try having a cat fuck your pillow with your head still on it.

Sharibrieezy 6

Yeah, that sucks! My cat does that all the time with my blankets! That's why he's not allowed in my room!