By myselfami - United States
Today, someone wearing dark grey clothes thought it would be a good idea to run in front of my car in the pouring rain. I slammed on my brakes and managed to stop before I'd have turned him into a blood sprinkler. Unfortunately, the person behind me didn't. FML
myselfami tells us more :
Okay, I was pretty unclear about specifics on this FML. The runner was barely tapped by the front bumper of my car. He fell, got back up, and limped off somewhere. The guy that was behind me doesn't have insurance. I have five stitches in my forehead from bashing it against the steering wheel. Kind of wish I wouldn't have stopped, honestly.
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  shannonreneee  |  11

He doesn't legally, the pedestrian can legally walk as they have right of way. However, if you absentmindedly walk out onto on going traffic then the driver can sue the bastard.


Actually, no. Pedestrians can Not legally walk out in front of cars unless they are at a crosswalk when clearly they have that "right of way". if they walk in the street, it's fair game to hit them, legally speaking that is.

  stahor  |  0

not sure how did the legal system took care of that in USA, but in my country it's always drivers fault, never pedestrian. If you that bastard you're going to jail

  insanesna1l  |  0

agree with 141, pedestrians aren't legally allowed to walk on the road and if they get hit the driver will not always be blamed as they may not have seen them.

By  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

at least you didn't murder them... no jal time, and think of the damage it would have done to your car... oh wait... you got rear ended..better hope they have insurance...

  joe_says_so  |  0

I'm pretty sure there would be no jail time, as long as op wasn't drunk and tried to stop he would be fine. But it would be hard to live knowing you killed someone.

  hockeyrocks39  |  0

"murder them"??? First it was one person, second you would need intent to murder someone. If OP thought, I'm going to start killing people with my car today and then did kill a person, that would be murder.

  gb_chrs  |  2

I like your pic Joe :)

and op, your situation is pretty common, those jay walkers should really get fined... cops are way too lenient on jay walkers.

  reggicm  |  0

"Them" isn't always plural. If you can substitute use "him or her," and it would make sense in the sentence, then you can use "them." English lesson over :)

  Nakolover13  |  0

Who cares Joe? Everyone has a right to comment as many times as they want in a row. Maybe the second thought didnt come til after he posted the first one so its not something worth trying to be a bitch over. Just saying....

  The_Nuke  |  31

It wouldn't have been jail time for the OP unless the runner was within a crosswalk. Judging from this fml, however, it doesn't appear to be the case. If the runner was just running across the street at a random point and not using the crosswalk, the runner would have been at fault for any injuries, damages, etc. not the OP. It does suck that the after-effect of the OP stopping was to be immediately rear-ended though. Kinda makes you wonder if it was worth it.

  muchagente  |  5

of course it is. op's car didn't jump onto the street, it was there. if you are not able to stop before you rear-end the car in front of you, you shouldn't be allowed to drive

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

Considering its against the law to be driving that close to the vehicle in front, especially in poor weather... its still the fault of the person behind the OP, #9.


no matter what it's the person driving behind op who is going to be at fault for either driving too close or over the speed limit + not paying attention. j-walker is also a dumbass.

  WOGBRO  |  6

One I thought she didn't hit the peep in grey.
Secondly it is not the car that is behind because the peep in grey ran out so this caused this person to brake and the person behind didn't realize so she rear ended her by accident.
I would sue the peep in grey.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

@111 *Facepalm*

It IS the fault of the person behind the OP... you should be driving far enough behind that if the car in front of you brakes suddenly you can stop in good time.

Guy in grey is at fault for being a retard but ultimately the accident is down to the the second driver. OP didn't hit the pedestrian (at least initially) but was still involved in an accident because the second driver was tailgating.

  rawr1011  |  4

Uhm it's not the OPs fault if the person behind them were tailgating if you can't pull over and either let them get past or they can't pass it's pretty hard to get rid of a dirty tailgater......

By  sgtrobswifey  |  0

Aw damn. Fuck his or her life. Guess he should have worn neon.. Then again the person probably would have said they were attracted to the bright color and that's why they hit em.