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  xXLenaXx  |  0

It's not that hard, you need a little physical contact first to tease him. :) giving orders to follow you from in front of a telly (for a guy) is only worth trying if you look like hot Hollywood actresses. :P kiss his neck for a bit, and touch his chest. :) that'll work in no time.

  waterynuggets  |  0

Lol that reminds me of something Chris Rock said, "It's easy for women to turn down sex 'cause ever since you were 13 every guy you met has been trying to fuck ya!"


oc: I agree that the double standards about sex are a load of bull, but in this particular instance, I can understand the FML. If her bf spent $100+ on sensual candles, roses, chocolate-coveted strawberries, massage oils, etc.— basically, whatevs is considered romantic and seductive for girls— and the gf's response was pretending to be asleep, his disappointment would be totally justified. His FML about it would probably get a lot of FYL votes and sympathetic comments too. Although I doubt anyone would say she's gay.


oc: Hmm, I think we have different definitions of lingerie. I'm thinking more teddy* than neglige. My own expensive lingerie is definitely, noticeably different from everyday nightgowns, bras, panties, slips, stockings, etc. It leaves no room for misinterpreting what's on my mind when I'm wearing it, much like roses, oils etc. would do for women. I'd be willing to bet most men would see what I consider lingerie as obviously "special occasion" stuff, though I don't have a habit of seducing "most men" with my frillies, so I can't say for sure. (And no, you may not judge for yourself, ya perv.) ;) But hey, maybe I've been doin' it wrong and most girls are hiding teddies and garterbelts under their jeans. >.<

*God, I hate the word "teddy." It's the unsexiest name for a sexy item I can think of.

  ironwords  |  8

Have you ever not wanted sex, and used period/headache as an excuse? Eel then you're worse them him. Despite what media says, we're not horny 24/7. At least he's kinda honest

By  Lisasimpsonfan  |  0

Instead of wasting money on scraps of fabric talk to him and find out what his fantasies are. Not everyone is turned on by trashy lingerie. Some of the best sex we have shared about been exploring each other's fantasies with no props involved. Trust me once you know how to fulfill his fantasies, he will be dragging you to the bedroom instead of you asking.