By RedLust - Bolivia
Today, I told my wife to block the mail of her ex (because he was sending her romantic mails) or I would leave. She told me that I could leave. FML
RedLust_fml tells us more :
First of all I have already left (thanks for the support people), and second of course I discussed with her that that was wrong, and she thought otherwise so I had no other option to give the ultimatum. I f you want to be with me then why do you need your past? And women if you need more romance say something don’t look for it in other places, because if we men need more BJ (Just an example) or whatever you wouldn’t like us to be getting in other place right? Some things are important for some people and other things for others.
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By  sweetpandora_fml  |  2

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  alpha_beta  |  3

I understand your point of view,maybe the OP overreacted,but if we look at it another way,why would a married woman welcome romantic gestures from an ex-boyfriend?You would think a person serious about the marriage would shoot the ex down immediately,instead of keeping quiet which would just cause the ex to keep on sending those mails.

To the OP,I find it weird that you have access to your wife's email,unless you were snooping around,then your wife should be the one with the FML.

I love it when people give ultimatums,as if the other party is obligated to give in.Marriage is a 50/50 partnership,you don't like it,then don't get married.Feel free to make threats when you have children,but realize that your wife has as much power over you as you have over her.

  som_fml  |  0

who said she was welcoming them? If I was getting letters I didn't want, and my boyfriend freaked out and threatened me, I'd dump his ass too.

  singachic87  |  0

@ 6: it could have been regular mail, not the electronic version, as it states in the original post that "I told my wife to block the mail of her ex" so the OP might not have been snooping, just getting the mail from the mailbox.

  Spitfire86  |  0

mmm, giving an ultimatum in any case would get that response. If it's emial and shes not answering them, who cares. If asked with out giving ultimatums one would probably get a differnt response.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Sure you can ignore it, but instead of letting it clutter your inbox up or having to delete them all the time, why not BLOCK HIM? She's welcoming them by not telling the ex to fuck off or blocking him (neither of which should be hard to do considering SHE'S MARRIED...), and certainly now we can deduce that she was welcoming them since she's willing to let her hubby leave just so she can have pathetic fan mail.

While I think it's dumb that he gave the ultimatum, at least one that ended with "or I'll leave," he still has a right to be pissed.
OP, just leave. She's chosen her road.

Oh, and we don't even know if he hadn't mentioned it to her before. If he knew about it, perhaps she said something to him, or he found out on his own, and certainly that's something to warrant at least one talk.

  Aquatics  |  0

if she wasn't reading the messages how did they both know they were romantic? your fucking dumb. and Op, you deserve it for putting your marriage on the line. although her reply must have hurt and felt full of betrayal. I'm sorry. =[

  serranojay  |  0

If you would have dumped his ass that merits you are a slut like her. No bf let alone husband should have to deal with an ex being in a picture. Do I feel he was merited to say or I'll leave? Yes I do. He has a right to be the only guy to do such things for his wife... It is his own wife's prerogative and secret agenda that causes her to not give two shits about it. How hard is it to block the emails? Block out the person? He is an ex right? Why should he even EXist in her life if he fucked up the first time? And her response? "you can leave." are you serious. No woman at all would say that to her husband if she didn't care for the marriage either. Girls like to fucking think the guys are the bad ones, girls will get away with more bs than anything, playing the sympathy card or the "oh no he didn't". Did you ever think he actually cared for the marriage not to lose her to some deadbeat? Dump his ass... That's why nice guys don't exist because everything is so liberal now.

  xNephilim  |  18

Why would she want to keep receiving the messages, though? That's why this is so wrong. Maybe OP shouldn't have put an ultimatum on his wife, but the fact that she'd rather keep getting romantic messages from her ex than be with her husband brands her as a major bitch that needs to be left.

  fury1031  |  10

Oh, shove it, you adulterous idiot. A GOOD wife shouldn't be willingly receiving romantic messages from an ex when she is married! He did just came out and give that ultimatum right away, he had been telling her that doing that was wrong and the faithless bitch just ignored him.

  nastag  |  10

Maybe she just doesn't feel her husband is romantic enough, and didn't feel loved? Her husband did threaten to leave her after all. Even so, the way she acted about it wasn't the smartest.

  blland  |  0

"maintaining the overall order of marriage" is part of marriage. If a woman is not prepared to brace for a marriage, why the hell is she married?

  aatomkins  |  0

Why the hell can't the man just take them as face value. I'm assuming she had a joke
with the OP about them and didn't reply but it's a two way street, he has to make some allowances as she obviously wasn't prolonging the e-mail contact with her ex. Again this is just assumptions because I could be totally wrong.

By  mrose57  |  0

If she's stupid enough to want her ex back in her life she's too stupid for you. She'll find out the hard way that whatever made him her ex is still going to be an issue.

  perdix  |  29

Don't issue an ultimatum if you don't have the balls to bring the hammer down.

Now you look like a weak, pathetic loser who issued an empty threat and ended up taking a hammer blow to the balls.

Game over, man.

  Jakester  |  0

I agree with you on that

never make an ultimatum if you dont like on what could be the outcome.

Next time figure out what you did wrong and correct it. If you cant, then simply find somebody who can live with you.

If the stupid bitch knows that shes going to be unhappy then why the hell did she decided to marry you? Ah well better now that this happens than later