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  syed121417  |  22

Maybe he thought you were being a bad girl and you needed it? It's cute when guys do things like that, it means they are comfortable around you to mess around even when you're being sexy

  my_user_name  |  7

There is a time for being playful and a time for just being sexy. You have to learn to read your partner. Obviously the OP was not trying to set a playful tone! I would be pissed if I was trying to be sexy with a girlfriend and she started joking around.


#1 is right. 'That's love.' I tell my husband this when i cover his eyes while he is playing Ps3, make darth vadar noises in his earpiece for all his friends, climb up in front of the screen naked or put my cold hands under his shirt. It works both ways. ;)

  mike7236  |  5

He might be in to that sort of thing. Personally I think it can be kind of kinky depending on the situation, he might of thought that giving a wedgie was sexy. Not really so bad from my perspective..


Anyone who is that immature when his woman is modeling lingerie is probably under the age of 18. Seriously, I'm all for being playful, but grabbing the panties to give a massive wedgie is definitely a WTF.

  Selvyys  |  4

Didn't know people weren't allowed to express how they felt in one word.. I dont see a reason to judge someone for that. It seems pretty silly to me.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Yeah, because nothing gets a woman hotter than having her sexy lingerie forcefully jammed up her crack by an immature twit who thinks visible panty lines are an invitation to grab and yank.

Really, #6, OP was trying to act sexy, and her boyfriend pulls a juvenile prank.