By Bilze / Thursday 17 May 2012 18:57 / United States - Burke
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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Inheritance, FML is a humour site that people share their experiences on how life can sometimes flip us off. It's not all about "My mum died. FML" or "I told my parents i'm gay, they disowned me. FML". Then FML would get depressing as shit. Besides, the Moderators choose which FMLs they want.

  L_Lovegood  |  19

#91, your comment is not nerdy. It is the TRUTH. Getting a brand new book is the best feeling ever, when you open it for the very first time, the binding squeaks a little and the delicious scent of new paper and fresh adventures reaches your nose...

  robinhood007  |  9

Well said 116, I am tired of electronic books and paper books being at war. All I known is people need to read more and if it takes technology to do that then so be it, and if it saves some paper too, I am all in.

  robinhood007  |  9

The reason they did it was because of muscle memory. They did not think about what they were holding, they just did what they normally do. Not pathetic at all, but it's definitely not an FYL situaion....or YDI for that matter.

  reddudeover  |  2

I wonder if face and palm are friends or enemies?

Friends - Hey face. Hey palm. Nice to see you again. Yeah, I guess someone did something stupid again who would have guessed it. :D

Enemies - We face each other once more. It appears so. This time I shall dispatch you swiftly in glorious battle. NEVER, you shall die by my hand. >:(

  rosesofash860  |  8

No, but you get more eye strain with tablets than with paper books. Thus making you not want to read, then you get dumber. Trust me my brother found that out the hard way. iPad= going from strait A student with 20/20 to Strait F's With glasses.

  VioletSkies  |  21

#26, It depends where you live. There is a lot of English spelling differences. You can look up "Canadian, British, and English spelling differences" on Google.

  chemchic  |  7

No it wasn't you it was the chick right after my comment. Your comment was fine. I guess I don't think of American vs British/Canadian spelling of random words. That and English is so twisted in its variations of spelling. C'est la vie.

  FYLminerocks  |  7

Long ago a woman took a massive shit and had no toilet paper. Next to her was a a notebook that she used to wipe her ass. Thus, she produced the infamous book, twilight. No book was written on paper again...

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