By slcbabii23 - 01/10/2009 07:56 - United States

Today, I realized how much I'm on the computer. I tried to "CTRL+Z" on something I wrote down on my paper. FML
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I do the same :3. I try ans save my work as i'm painting (on canvas) then realize i don't need to :P.


lifeislife_fml 0

Now all the petulant "first" haters are going to comment on your post, throwing petty insults at you while sounding like douches themselves. Care to comment now?

*Throws "jackass"* *Throws "fucktard"* How am I doing?

AHAHA Literally made me laugh outloud!! I hope theres not much time until that starts to happen xD

Just going to say, since FML has been allowing all these FMLs moderated and selected by this Kevin Nealon, all of the FMLs he's been accepting have been terrible FMLs.

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i dont understand how u can ctrl z a paper?

marleytooyou 0

what does ctrl z do ??? I'm confused

^^ Undo. And this sounds like another FML where someone tried to Ctrl+F seafood on a menu.

Zomg!! I got second!!! YESSSS Jk you fail and you coppied that one with CNTRL F on a dining menu

I do the same :3. I try ans save my work as i'm painting (on canvas) then realize i don't need to :P.

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This is ripped off from PostSecret France.

Banannikka 1

I've done CTRL+F in a school text book. This belongs on MLIA, because clearly too many people have done this.

Ditto to EVERYTHING you said. I get so disappointed when I realize I can't use ctrl + F in textbooks.

+1, especially when there's no index in the book.

i was just thinking this was more MLIA than FML.

um.... so computers are rad. I use mine 24/7. and I'm not fat yay

Why would computers make you fat? Overeating does that. Computers make you...compute...

If you eat and eat and do nothing but use the computer what do you think will happen? You'll get fat.

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Haha don't feel bad I do that A lot when I am drawing free hand

delfinofrank 0

Not an FML. I bring my laptop everywhere with me. When I don't have it I experience crazy withdrawal symptoms...

My version of this is all the times I've misspelled a word accidentally while writing an essay, and half expected a red squiggly line to appear underneath it. FML

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lol thats okay, i've done that alot =P

Me too XD Makes m feel like not such a loser to see that others do that too