By stupid - 26/05/2015 06:54 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I lost a book. I'd used my credit card as a bookmark. FML
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YDI for using something that important as a bookmark

So i guess buying a new book is out of the question.


So i guess buying a new book is out of the question.

time to call book man, the action hero that rescues lost books I bet he's at Starbucks getting himself a free mocha latte on your courteous behalf right nowwww woot woot party at starbucks. Sorry bro its party time somewhere.

YDI for using something that important as a bookmark

joeyl2008 29

I wish I could vote YDI but after this latest update my freaking options are "I agree" or "that could've happened to anyone"

YDI for using something important as a bookmark, sorry OP that sucks

you just copied #2.....

Shame you lost your book, but using a credit card as a bookmark is just foolish. I'd rather fold the page on a brand new book than use my credit card to keep my place

I like to use currency bills, so whenever I need money, I know to go to my bookshelf.

YDI for using a credit card as a book mark. Next time, maybe just dog ear it.

Or use a $5 note or a piece of paper, paper clip, a leaf... Anything but a credit card!

Post-it notes! Best bookmarks ever; they don't fall out, and can even mark where on the page you are, if you wish.

My only question is why not anything else?

Never use something as a bookmark what is of more value than the book inself, OP!

Sucks to suck.

Cancel them now and report them lost/stolen and get a bookmark

Don't cancel them! Just report them as lost or stolen. Canceling your oldest card or cards with good standing will hurt your credit.

Step 1: get a piece of paper Step 2: fold it into rectangle :D enjoy your new bookmark

Imhere4fml 24

If only OP figured this out before hand