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Today, I was reading a book, and my severe OCD makes it impossible for me to look up from reading if I haven't finished the page. This includes times like when my mother is frantically calling for help after falling off a ladder. FML
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By  scoble2  |  7

So what do you do if the end of a page is not the end of a sentence? Do you have to keep reading until you're find a page that ends on a paragraph or sentence? You may want to look into an e-reader, and make the font fairly large, so it only takes a few seconds to finish a page. That way, you can finish a page no matter what situation.

  Emelka_fml  |  20

Although this sounds like a good idea at first, it’s not good to indulge in your OCD rituals. In the long run, it doesn’t get rid of your obsessive thoughts, it just escalates them. So, I agree with the person suggesting therapy. My OCD treatment was (very very simply put):
1. Figure out all of your compulsive behaviors and the obsessive thoughts that come with them.
2. Increase the anxiety that is caused by obsessive thoughts without indulging in the rituals. For example, if the thought is, “if I don’t finish this page before I stop, I’m going to die” (OCD thoughts are almost never rational - they’re pretty much always “absurd”), then you talk back to yourself “well, guess I’m going to die”
3. Do NOT do the rituals.

By  Peaches1914  |  13

The person on the ladder should had, another person spotting her on the ladder or have the person there hold the ladder
The mother was not unaware of the person’s condition and adjust accordingly