By katier8295 - 27/10/2012 12:43 - Australia - Perth

Today, I was writing out palm cards and didn't know if I'd spelled a word correctly, so I stared at it for about 10 seconds waiting for spell check to tell me if it was right or not before I realised I was writing on paper. FML
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Since when does spellcheck even take 10 seconds to tell you if it's wrong?

heinous966 15

-sigh- What is society coming to? >.>


And now the FML community knows! That's a lot of people.

And the FML community now, I suppose EDIT: it seems i was beaten to the punch! My bad ^^

Wasn't there anoter FML similar to this one

45, someone was reading book and started pressing down on a word on the page. They were looking for the definition.

heinous966 15

-sigh- What is society coming to? >.>

I don't know if all this technology is a good thing... Or a really bad thing

unknown_user5566 26

Definitely a good thing. Though technology can make *some* people lazier, or too dependent, it's all about forward progress.

Some day, we will create something that will replace exercise. Isn't that great? No more obesity! Technology will be our downfall one day. It's the greatest thing to happen to humanity but also the worse.

Sadly this is not surprising, we have become completely dependent on technology to help us. We're then left at a disadvantage because some of us can't spell without spell check or do basic arithmetic without a calculator.

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You seem to always be in a good mood, almost every comment I've seen of yours has ended with a lol. Not that it is a bad thing. Simply an observation.

olpally 32

Good observation...:D i try to keep my composure on here the best I can... I enjoy life to the fullest... Lol :D

LO388 7

Since when does spellcheck even take 10 seconds to tell you if it's wrong?

Inheritance 10

judgement day is coming. Time to hide John Conner in an old underground bunker!

Sooner or later, there will be spell check for paper. That's the sad part.

gibby1235 6

No, the sad part is that you actually believe that.

I don't believe that it will happen soon, but it may happen in like 50-100 years from now. 50 years ago we didn't have computers, so technology advances very quickly.

Yes, but in 50 to 100 years, we might not even use paper anymore.

#14 - They can make tablets now. Maybe it won't be out of paper in the future, but they should be able to make something that works like paper. Good thing is you'll be able to reuse it! But honestly, it's not the craziest thing to imagine

There are these lovely tools on computers now such as Word and email. The idea is that, eventually, you will not even have to use paper. Everything is through technology. I know, it's crazy how cool it is.

Don't worry, Ive almost double-tapped a picture in a magazine to get it to zoom. And I'm not on computers/my phone all the time. >.

How do you even do that? A magazine is very different then a touch screen phone or iPad or something. I don't see how you can try to double tap a flimsy magazine.

KiddNYC1O 20

^Well, is what the eyes see and how the brain picks it up...

I can't wait for the day that there is a solar wind that knocks out all electrical devices out on the planet. Then people would realize how screwed they'd be without it.

People already know how screwed they would be without electricity.

agonydrum 7

I use electronics all the time, and I've also lived for almost a year in Afghanistan without running water it's not that big of a deal just're dumb

Well sir, I'm not the one who "taps" on a book for the definition of a word as you said in your previous comment (#17).

I think of it like this: When/if said solar wind ever occurs and wipes out all electronics on the planet, we'll eventually learn how we ever lived without technology in the first place. Sadly, the power would have come back by a futuristic generator that runs on solar energy and we would all be back to watching silly videos of kittens on the internet.

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There was another FML just like this awhile back lol

I was just about to comment that. it was really similar, pretty sure the first op was writing them on palm cards too

agonydrum 7

Sometimes when I read paper books ill catch myself stupidly tapping words I don't know for a definition