By Crypticbeerbelly - 11/01/2017 14:44

Today, I was reading a recipe list on my tablet. I moved a little, and one of my fat rolls came into contact with a button which closed the tab. FML
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Your fat rolls clearly want you to pick different recipes.

ber4fun 23

Your belly must have been trying to tell you something - like pick a healthier recipe.

As someone who used to be overweight and struggled daily with things like this, I can say this is almost 100% your fault. Though there can be medical issues which make it harder to lose weight, it's all up to you how unhealthy you are. Get motivated and don't complain about your lifestyle.

Attacksloth 33

<p>Sounds like you were reading the recipe for disaster.</p>

Judging by your username, the recipe didn't include adding a can of beer and the fat wasn't having that. The belly wants what the belly wants.

Some apps have a feature called Palm Rejection to ignore accidental touches by your wrist or palm. You ought to invent Fat Roll Rejection. Wait! It's been done -- it's called Dating.

dietcoke09 25

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