By ElevatorThug - 25/08/2009 09:17 - Singapore

Today, as I got into an elevator, I spotted a little old lady hobbling desperately to get on. I frantically tapped on the 'door open' button but the doors closed. I got dirty looks from the people in the lift, only then did I realise I had frantically tapped the 'door close' button instead. FML
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Freudian Slip!! Except... with your hand...?

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lol whatever op she will get over it

i agree with #1 lmao. :) jk. but it sure made my day!

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YDI for pressing one of those buttons, because they don't do anything and no one uses the "door open" button anyway. All you have to do is hold the door open.

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the buttons do work you have to hold them stupid

Ya know, if you stuck your foot outside, you would of been able to stop the door from closing. And, Look at what you're doing next time. YDI

Note that he's located in Singapore. That might not apply. There are automatic doors in Paris that do not reopen if something is stuck in them- I've experienced it.

Singapore is a very modern city, so saying that they might not have sensors in their lifts is quite a pointless argument.

"Singapore is a very modern city, so saying that they might not have sensors in their lifts is quite a pointless argument." You're always going to have those few exceptions where the elevator just hasn't been modified or replaced to make it "modern." Just because Singapore is considered "modern," it doesn't necessarily mean everything about it is up to date. People all around the world think America is "modern." Yet we have tons of rural areas that still rely on dial-up.

actually people have even had their heads chopped off while trying to hold open an elevator here in the US. it happened in Houston once. I'd rather push the button than risk holding a limb out in any elevator anywhere in the world. Plus OP doesn't deserve it, the arrows on the hold open and close buttons make them look similar.

The elevator sensors do not always work when the elevator is closed past a certain amount. I'll use my arm if I have to, but I usually use a notebook or clipboard if I have one on my person. Those doors are not very forgiving when they close on your arm or foot.

You could have just stuck your arm out...

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Honestly... be a man and stick your arm out. I know, I know, it seems like the heavy elevator doors will close right on it and snap your hand off. But if you believe, if you truly believe, something magical happens and the doors just crumble under your amazing strength. It also helps if you close your eyes and whisper "Taste the rainbow!" right before you do it.

Possibly people were in the way of the door, so he could see out but not reach it without being rude. Seriously though, you should have looked. You fool.

True, and why were the other people giving OP dirty looks? NONE of them were doing anything to help her either.

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Yeah I agree, at least you tried to help regardless if anyone believes you.

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#14 taste the rainbow ;D lol nice but seriously saying that he did a good job on something he did by accident and made him look like an ass isn't something to encourage =/

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LMAO you made me crack up xD

If you couldn't see the buttons, don't stand right inside the door, or watch what you're doing...or get glasses

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aw haha i've done something like this before, it suckkkks.

Agree w/ others, you could have just stuck your arm or foot out. Gawsh..

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much like the rest of society, your sub-concious hates old people. Tell, me about your mother...

I have totally done that before. In the heat of the moment it's hard to distinguish between the open and close button!

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haha I have done that too. The elevator I was in only had the arrows where one points away from each other and the other points towards each other. A girl was hurrying to get on and I accidentally pressed the button where it closes the door and almost shut it on her. Everyone else thought I was trying to kill her.