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By TetrisMaster - 24/11/2013 12:30 - Australia

Today, I discovered that my heart rate is higher while playing Tetris than it is during sex. FML
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It happens. That game gets intense, especially if you **** up a few lines.

Is that because you're partner sucks or because you get really excited playing tetris?


It happens. That game gets intense, especially if you **** up a few lines.

What?? I dunno what kind of sex you have...

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is this a quote by Charlie Sheen?

I have cat sex... Can't you see i'm a cat

damn, cat sex must suck! I heard one that there's actually backwards spikes on the cat's penis to remove others' semen... and that it probably hurts like hell.

#49 I don't know whether to dislike for making me cringe or thumbs up for the new information.

#49, they're called penile spines and yes, they do clear the ****** of semen left by previous mating, but also upon removal of the penis the action of the spines raking the inside of the ****** is thought to trigger ovulation in the female cat. That's why you'll hear a female cat yowling when the mating is finished. Thank **** that gene disappeared in humans otherwise there'd be nothing a man could do to get me into bed!

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I don't think you're doing it right....

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Who the hell takes their heart rate while having sex, am I right?

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When it's real boring, I guess. Although, I suspect OP is just approximating from how it feels, instead of checking actual measurements. I don't know about you, but I'd be really turned off if my partner starts checking her pulse while we're in the throes of it.

Is that because you're partner sucks or because you get really excited playing tetris?

It's probably OP and his/her partner. If OP was moving enough his/her heart rate would naturally increase. I say YDI for not being as passionate about your partner as your game, OP. And F his/her life.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

Your* I'm assuming you took a guess as to which one was the correct form of that word and you were wrong.

Brentalfloss had a great music video about Tetris and the female variety. Everyone needs to YouTube it, NOW!

Tetris is much better than sex, I mean think about it, do OCD people hat sex?

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You obviously haven't played the higher level of Tetris, that shit is serious dude

I have to say OP, you really need to find another guy. I've heard too many girls complain about their sex lives yet still want to be with the person. Look, love is king, but if you're not going to tell the guy that the sex is boring yet still complain, do something about it.

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Gender is never specified, fyi. Nice advice though.

It's just a chance to rant, and a majority of the "sex sucks" FMLs are women. My opinion is that too many guys are too focused on themselves than the girl they're with. A guy should never get off before a woman.

Exactly. Romance should be prime. Intimacy and passion should still be a thing. I hate people who only do it just to feel good. There's no meaning if you can't reminisce. Just my thought.

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Personally, I have sex because it does feel good. It brings the animalistic nature out of me. Now I'm not saying I bang just because of that, that's not true at all. It's a connection between the partners that brings that joy out, but, it's also sex. Sex feels good. If it didn't feel so god damn good I wouldn't be doing it. When you have such a deep connection with a specific person, it shouldn't matter if the bed play is amazing or not, you can always work on that. You shouldn't toss someone just because they can't get you off. My girl ***** my brains out and I love every minute of it. That doesn't mean I'd just get rid of her if she wasn't good in bed. That's incredible selfish and vain.

You do realize that many women are unsatisfied in bed because they don't tell their partners what they want, right? I know not all situations are the same, but maybe if people put half of the effort in communication that they do faking orgasms, you wouldn't have that many fmls concerning bad sex experiences. Just saying.

Time for some heated games! Besides tetris... And with your partner.

You might need to spice up your sex life a little more.

Maybe you would be less intense at Tetris if you had sex while playing Tetris. I think. A new high score is in sight!

Some men aren't blessed. Teach him something new, spice up the sex, or maybe get him some natural male enhancement. There are ways around this besides complaining.