By megomania - United States
Today, I was so sick that I was puking and had the runs. While on the toilet, I yelled for my boyfriend to get me a bowl to puke in. As I did so, I saw that a ton of it was forming on the floor in dots. My boyfriend had given me a spaghetti strainer. FML
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By  catnip216  |  0

Hey, he grabbed the first thing he saw that looked like a bowl, then actually took it into the bathroom *while* you were having diarrhea. He may not be the brightest guy in the world, but he tried. You puked in it, afterall, so you didn't notice at first either.


Your boyfriend is a FUCKING I D I O T!!! Find another boyfriend that actually has brains lol not this loser! Either he really is stupid or he did it on purpose to be a DICK either way you deserve waaaaaaay better!!!

  DocBastard  |  38

How about if you're so sick, you can barely see straight? What if she had her eyes closed while she was vomiting? What if she didn't give a fuck what it was as ling as it was something to vomit into?

How about you not yelling "FAKE!" unless you were there.

  NerdybutHot  |  3

It's not out of the realm of possibilities, but he seems like he is captain of the fail-boat for not noticing something like that. Or maybe he had something else on his mind and had a "special moment." Only OP would know though.