By fuggers :/ - 24/11/2013 21:38 - United Kingdom - Basingstoke

Today, my workplace had a big employee photoshoot for an ad campaign. I was there all of 30 seconds before the photographer said, "What the fuck? Look guys, this ain't an ad for facial abortions." He then asked me and another colleague to step out of the shot. FML
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Beauty is subjective :) don't let some rude amateur photographer get you down

Wow, that was really unprofessional of the photographer. Your boss didn't say anything?


Beauty is subjective :) don't let some rude amateur photographer get you down

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For saying YOLO I want to drown you. But #1 is right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

no beauty isnt subjective, rational people seek symmetry

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Not one human face is 100% symmetrical. You can hunt around the world and you'll still find it isn't there. Beauty is a ****** up concept created by men and women who can't escape the reality of life. We're all beautiful, we're all ugly. It's how you choose to go about life that really makes beauty shine through the ugliness we all possess.

Perfect McFeeli. Couldn't agree more or have said it better.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

In my opinion, being attractive and being beautiful are way, way different things. You can be attractive, yet be one ugly ******* person. Beautiful is who you are, attractive is what you can be.

JustStella 28

I see why they call you McFeelii

And why not say YOLO. What do you people got against that?

incoherentrmblr 21

How do you have a facial abortion?...

@ #32 you should yell yolo and tackle a grizzly

beelee1988 13

Never say YOLO. Always say Hakuna Matata.

Wow, that was really unprofessional of the photographer. Your boss didn't say anything?

actually, its probably rather professional for an ad campaign. The key to advertising is to make people pay attention to it. Therefore, pretty people sell stuff.

Omfgitsmia 15

24 while more attractive people are used for certain ads for that reaason, his words were unkind, unprofessional and unnecessary.

that doesn't mean your an asshole to other people... u just ask then to step out nicely.

CommonSenseKarma 17

I think what 24 meant was that that's common in the advertising industry. Doesn't make it right, though.

I would have positioned them where you couldn't see them in the picture. Much more polite.

If the photographer put it as rudely as explained, it wouldn't only be on OPs boss to speak up, but anyone really. I wouldn't be a bystander to a situation like that at least, and you'd think others would have the decency to stand up for their fellow coworkers.

I guess my mistake came in the fact that I thought nothing of the way it was said. I assumed people were more offended by the action than by the way he said it.

They were probably too busy agreeing, feeling better about themselves because they aren't facial abortions. These people are assholes 2.0.

Or, they could of just let her be in the picture.

Why the hell does he care? Hes getting paid to take the picture, not be a cynical ass.

No, he's being paid to take a GOOD picture. A good photographer isn't just some monkey who pushes a button. He's being paid to set up a good shot, make sure the positioning is right, make sure the lighting is right, and prevent some ugly assface from ruining his shot. No offense, OP.

Facial abortion? I like it! From now on, I'm calling idiots "cranial abortions".

Whatever doctor started doing those first must be so rich they bought every news outlet to keep themselves out of the spotlight, since they must've done at least a hundred thousand in the last couple of weeks alone.

Right! I would've made that photographer's ass look so dumb in front of everybody and NOT walk around with your head down OP.

At least you're not alone. Should've asked where they were shooting such an ad campaign so you and your unphotogenic friend coukd go catch you're lucky break.

Infamous_Tora 12

You don't read very well, do you?

You don't write very well too, do you?

Ouch. I'm in the visual image business too and have to often make these kinds of choices based solely on people's looks. And, yeah, that not how you handle it.

FezzesAreCool 18

That is seriously the most rude thing I've ever heard from a photographer.

blcksocks 19

"This ain't a place for amateur photography either"