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Did you say yes to the mess?

Great proposal story though


Great proposal story though

Well at least this is a proposal story to remember and laugh about. He should have found a safer spot to propose to you out of the waiters' and waitresses' line of sight though.

GlowWorm56: No, you WANT to be in the "line of sight" (being seen), but out of the way.... :-)

Did you say yes to the mess?

IdrcxD 8

I hope she did

Congrats, at least you now have a memorable proposal?

At least it's a funny story to tell your family and future generations! Otherwise congratulations!!!

More like fuck his life. Can you imagine planning everything and then it getting ruined like that? I definitely feel more sorry for him

Did you say yes? Did you stay to eat? Was the waiter ok? Is anyone suing / getting sued? So many questions... Must have a follow up!

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

Oh my god! hope u did not make it worse for him by saying no!

not to mention the waiter...come to work, and probably during the busy dinner rush, some guy trips him and gets him written up. not bashing anyone, just wouldn't be surprised to see the waiters post on here, Lol.