By Damnsoup - 03/07/2009 00:12 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to my fiancé's house to have dinner with his family for the first time. Trying to be polite at the end of the meal I went to take the plates in to the kitchen. I overestimated how heavy the half-finished soup pot was, and threw soup all over myself and future mother-in-law. FML
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Okay, totally embarrassing...but we all do stupid stuff like that sometimes! lol

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I agree that lolwst and Shizden are brainless idiots.


Okay, totally embarrassing...but we all do stupid stuff like that sometimes! lol

I agree with #8

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BAHAHAHHA. FYL(: haha well at least it wasn't just her ; so it didn't seem intentional.

You've never had dinner with your fiancees parents?

Take advantage of it whilst you still can! You'll never be able to get away with treating her "accidentally" like dirt ever again!!!!!

I agree with #10

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Hey on the bright side at least it wasn't just her. :)

I agree with #5

I agree with #4

maybe they lived out of town or something. i dont know...but i have been dating my boyfriend for about 4 and a half years and, while i have met his entire family, i have yet to actually have an official, sit-down gathering with them.

Well done #4, you've turned the comments for this FML into a page where other brainless people like you can post that they actually know their own number. *applauds -_-* Honestly, what use is there in posting something like that: "HOMG! I agree wiv teh number 28... oh wayt tat iz me!! LOL LOL LOL!" Not ******* funny!

I agree with #33

I agree with #6

I agree with #15


Hehe you're a butthead.. :D

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Look on the bright side: they will never, ever forget you. I sincerely hope the soup had cooled down... 

I agree with #13

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the soup cooled down, the mother didn't.

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Yeah, probably one day, you guys will all sit back and laugh about it

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Would not it go all over you instead of them?

wow that suckss! FYL!

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